BYU In The News

Brigham Young University recently banned a star basketball player from playing on the team for the rest of the season due to him engaging in sexual activity before marriage while a student at BYU.

A star college basketball player at one of the country’s most respected teams has been suspended for having sex with his girlfriend.

Brandon Davies, a 6ft 9in centre for Mormon college Brigham Young University (BYU), violated the school’s honour code banning sex before marriage.

The college, in Provo, Utah, obliges students to live a ‘chaste and virtuous life’.

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One Response to BYU In The News

  1. janoklark says:

    On it’s face this rails against the norms of modern society. With that being said, Mr. Davies knew the codes of the school when he decided to attend and play on the team. Secondly, it’s refreshing to see an organization put their morals above the goal of winning. In professional sports cheating, bribery and using enhancement drugs are part of the sports culture. In the US we’ve seen this with baseball and in the Europe it’s occurred in soccer. Too often these college players are treated like stars and when they go into professional life they have inflated egos and act like grown up brats. Whether or not this has an effect on Mr. Davies maybe he can at least learn that being true to his word is a very valuable and commendable character trait.

    – Chris, Austin, USA, 03/3/2011 16:42

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