The Cosmology of Martinus and Lubomir Fajth

When I was in a village cabin in the mountains of Northern Slovakia I was introduced to the writings and drawings of a Danish mystic named Martinus Thomsen.

He was from a poor family and was a dairyman. He had a vision during meditation which he then drew out and explained. After this he produced a number of detailed, symbolic pictures which deal with the stages and form of human evolution.

For example, humans will evolve out of the worst stage (now) of eating animal flesh into vegetarianism, veganism, fruititarianism, then aeritarianism and solartarianism. Humans will also evolve out of individualism into family-ism, clanism, racism, nationalism, globalism, then into pure love of God. During his life Martinus strongly supported international organization and the use of Esperanto.

Me and Lubomir

Uncle Jeebers and Lubomir at a shrine to the Virgin Mary in the middle of our morning mushroom hunt

My host Lubomir Fajth is a fervent supporter of the institute and several of its points. He is a vegetarian who lives simply, buying almost no food and gathering mushrooms and fruits from the surrounding mountains and using a wood stove for cooking and heating. He is a former Hare Krishna and Bha’i practitioner. He is a brilliant Esperantist who had recorded the entire Third Testament of Martinus in Esperanto. I met him during the Somera Esperanto Studado (Summer Esperanto Study) in Slovakia where we talked in depth about the religious situation in China and the meditation methods of a certain group.

Upon leaving his home I gave him a small chain of prayer beads which I showed were blessed by a certain master in Nanjing and had a nice aroma to them. He immediately asked, “How do I use them?” I then introduced my meditation method to him and he was satisfied to accept the beads.

The mountains where we looked for mushrooms and plums

The mountains where we looked for mushrooms and plums

OM and Martinus symbol

OM and Martinus symbol over Lubomir's door

For more information see the Martinus Institute homepage:

Lubomir Fajth’s readings of The Eternal World Picture will be available on the Esperanto side of the KBH website.

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3 Responses to The Cosmology of Martinus and Lubomir Fajth

  1. what kind of mushrooms did you two hunt for? yesterday I found some elf ears and some mica caps 🙂

    • janoklark says:

      I don’t know the names of the mushrooms. Lubo never mentioned the names and never used a book. He claimed that he came to understand which mushrooms were good to eat by conversing with God.

  2. wisdomintheflesh says:

    Common means of rapture configure collective spasms of regret and reform… (translation: convene the celibacy and kiss me (I’ve learned how to eat data.)

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