My Real Brotherhoods

We can all remember some times in our lives when women weren’t all that important and we decided to room up with other guys. These days, in fact, are the most productive, happy days of our lives. Now I want to share with you a simple list of my brotherhoods, and I hope that all of you come up with a similar list.

The Musical Brotherhood, Uncle Jeebers and Brian C. Brian and I lived together for two years in our early 20’s, discussed the virtues of independence, fluency in the arts as a mode of expression, and coolness in the face of wimmin. We had regular vegan cookouts (Brian is a 7th Day Adventist), well-paid guitar duet gigs, concert outings and home recitals for friends. We had season tickets to the Columbus and Dayton orchestras. We practiced guitar together, and we also practiced independently several hours each day. He was going to a serious art school, The Columbus College of Art and Design, something like a West Point for artists, where they have to hand in tens of drawings and works daily. Brian also is very computer savvy and did graphics design work for our music cult. In our time off we watched art film and foreign film. We were the only act in Columbus at the time which survived only on performances and without other sources of income. Our agent was a West-African who always told us we were at the top of his list for act recommendations. The height of our career together was producing a classical duet CD “Nocht”. It amazes me how fruitful those two years were.

The Home Improvement Cult was when br. William came and stayed in the Nanjing Castle first for a bit more than a year, then later a couple months at a time. When he was here we did tons of justice projects and home improvement projects. We had nightly readings of the Bhagavad Gita by candle light. Will is also a good drummer, can sing and whistle well, so after our simple meals of vegetables and bread we’d get into music. Will even performed at a gig with me in Shanghai. He speaks more than ten languages, including smaller, interesting European languages like Welsh and Breton. The first question every morning was: “What are we doing today?” We installed all kinds of things, making Castle One more comfortable for guests.

The Meditation Cult was with Grits. Grits meditates a lot. He’s a big Belgian who’s learning his Chinese, drinks a good deal of coffee and plays a mean guitar. Grits stayed in the Nanjing Castle for six months and left when he got a job on the other side of town. For that six months we were gigging together regularly, enjoying meals, work, and movies together.

The Christmas Cult was when Mario and his modest girlfriend Lorrene came to live at Castle one for three months through Christmas, the New Year, and Valentines. Mario is a hard studier and studies Chinese with flashcards for hours each day. He’s already translated a book into Italian and has picked up other translation gigs. Mario and I started a long project, the Italian-Chinese dictionary (which at the moment is getting programming help). Mario helps me learn Italian, I taught him a good deal of Chinese and Esperanto and we can use all these languages. When they stayed here, though, we always spoke Italian. They’re learning guitar together. Mario is getting a sense of rhythm (we’re hoping that after a year or two we can start doing some gigs together). It was definitely the best holiday season we’ve had.

The Snooty European Cult is a political cult based in Shanghai. Most of the local brothers have already stayed there and enjoyed Bach, proper Norwegian food, and good humor. A part of being in this cult is that you have to share some political ideas with the director and do a minimum of work for exposing 911, zionism and current Mossad false flag operations. It was through my work in this cult that a certain American theologist was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Aside from this there have been several other times when we’ve stayed with each other and worked on projects. Over the years I’ve also concluded several major projects through close collaboration with other men – like a six-hour documentary and the translation of several books. I thought it was necessary here to make a list to show the other brothers and encourage knights to live and work with other knights. We need a good deal of practice in order to understand better how to communicate, deal with problems, organize projects and have discipline. It would be best if we could have more experience under our belts in preparation for 2015.

For the KBH it is important that we have clear information for potential guests. We need to make a point of meeting other knights IRL for practice and work, as well as keeping our regular online appointments. All knights can invite friends to scripture chat and the Dharma Jive Nest. It is also important that all of us be patient, and that we allow room for all good guys to come and experience our lifestyle and cult-ure.

Thanks for your time and OM

-Uncle Jeebers

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