Helio Gracie Pounds Playboy

Helio Gracie, founder of Brazilian Jiujitsu

Helio Gracie, founder of Brazilian Jiujitsu

In the world of martial arts there is no doubt that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu possess his own name of Gracie. Trying to draw a genealogical tree of his family is a big work. Counting the number of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great nephews and nieces, who have inherited the name “Gracie”, it is estimated that the enormous clan  of Helio Gracie, the sole living patriarch of the family, today with 88 years old, reaches the mark of 150 people. “I don’t know even half of them.” He himself attributes to the creation of the techniques that revolutionized jiu-jitsu and brought his family not only a lot of money, but also success and fame too.

He has already by accused of generalizations by groups dedicated to the defense of homosexual rights. They consider that the Gracie family has aggressive attitudes and preconceptions against lesbians and gays. While condemning violence, Helio leaves no doubt about his position. “I consider that homosexuality is an aberration of nature.” These are other “great truths” that are presented as postulates by this friendly man. He is in the habit of writing down his main thoughts. He keeps his reflections safe in a briefcase. He records them when some controversial theme comes on the agenda.

PLAYBOY: …is jiu-jitsu favorable to sex?

HELIO: I can say that I’ve never had sex with a woman without the purpose of reproduction. I also taught that to my sons and various grand-sons. They were never fags.  When I was younger I could have had a big succession of women, I was considered a national celebrity, and all young girls were interested in me. I would give them a little kiss, a hug, go around with them but I wouldn’t go too far. I always had will power. When they wanted to get more heavy, I would quickly ask them if they wanted to have my children, because for me that was all I wanted  were children. That stopped them right away [laughs].

PLAYBOY: Where do you get the force of will to resist?

HELIO:  It came from my convictions and my respect for nature. I dominated the impulse for pleasure by a question of morality. I learned this from my brother Carlos, who was a spiritualist.

PLAYBOY: So to check, then did you depend on condoms?

HELIO: [Emphatically]. My God! I never used condoms. There is no women in the world with whom I would ever use condoms. Not even if she was the last women on earth. I would rather die without doing it. My kids also don’t use them and I have 28 grandkids.

PLAYBOY: I mean, are you and your sons immune to AIDS?

HELIO: [Indignantly]. This business of AIDS is for those who are involved in depravity and filth. None of my kids pretend to be Don Juans [Exasperated]. Those who fear AIDS are those who have sex with anyone. And those know have sex with just anyone, are in my opinion, nothing more than dogs.

PLAYBOY: What is the secret of your long life and good health?

HELIO: I always say I am old but not used up. I am 88, but I wouldn’t trade places with a man of 50. I never had bad habits like smoking, drinking, or snacking between meals. My palette is also educated. I eat fish, cold cheese, fruits, and legumes, I only have bread once a day. I don’t mix cereals and I don’t get fat from sugar. I learned that from my brother and I haven’t had a cold for 15 years. I never had sex more than was necessary for reproduction.  Nature is not stupid. If you break the rules you will pay interest and penalties.  When the age is advanced it comes the time to calculate the debts. Those who lacked will power will be with the donkeys in water.

[source] [Thanks to Stephen for the tip]

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4 Responses to Helio Gracie Pounds Playboy

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracie_family


    Royce Gracie was in the UFC tournaments(although I do not promote this sort of thing because many of these fighters get brain damaged)

  2. Colonel Goober says:

    What a great interview!

  3. janoklark says:

    Yeah he’s a ball of fire. 😀

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