Wanderin round Europe and beyond

524710_495290453857685_262781803_nHowdy gents! Just noticin how kooky thangs is gettin over at couchsurfin, and also how passportaservo is run by either flakes or corrupt government/kosher goblins who often leave the saht wantin for functionality. (Ironically, as of this publishin, the saht is down!) So I done looked up some alternative sahts under the terms “shared hospitality”. Considerin we have, for a long tahm at the KBH now, promoted this concept, esp. amongst ourselves and throughout Europe (our glorious Mother), here are some recent fahnds of mahn:

  1. http://globalfreeloaders.com/: A 1.0, older saht but quaht the honest, simple thang it says it is.
  2. http://www.bewelcome.org/: A more modern interface. Allows batch requests. Perhaps more popular round Western Europe.
  3. http://www.servas.org/: A smaller network of higher-quality people (the same as ahd say for pasportaservo).
  4. http://www.hospitalityclub.org/: The Hospitality Club seems quite popular as well. Apparently there are options to look for travel partners, too (wonder if we could specifiy we’re religious nuts & lookin for fellow yogis to wander with). “Hospitality Club seems closer in spirit to GlobalFreeloaders then CouchSurfing while still allowing for more detailed profiles and people to be messaged individually. The web interface is very simple and gets the job done, although does seem out of date when compared to the newer sites.” [source]
  5. http://www.meeturplanet.com/: Can’t say ahv trahd it, but looks similar to the others. Australian-based.

Specialty Services

  1. http://www.wwoof.net/: A way to work on organic farms to learn farmin and travel as well. Ahv heard good thangs bout this one.
  2. http://www.brigidine.org/: If you speak italian and are into religion, there are places listed on this saht which offer accomodations in Italy at very cheap prices, donations, or for free. Ahd acshully lahk to know more bout religiously-based shared hospitality outside of China (cuz ah know a good deal bout that already).
  3. https://www.warmshowers.org/: This is a shared hospitality saht for cyclists (!).
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