Why Leather is Evil

Lake addled with chromium from tannery, India

Lake addled with chromium from tannery, India

Did you know that worstpolluted.org lists leather pollution as the third largest pollution threat in the world? Wearing and using leather products is a grave evil.

Wearers in the West often get confused and think that leather is just another material, or that it is a more sturdy and better material for shoes and bags. Leather shoes and women’s bags like from the Coach brand are highly prized and sold for high prices. What Westerners are doing is putting evil practices, torture of holy animals, and mass pollution out of their own sight, exporting these evils to mainly India and China, then pretending they are greatly more moral creatures than the largely docile and anarchistic societies of India and China. These countries also are the seat of the world’s religions and the richest in religious history and culture, which makes it all the more damning that western consumerism and cruelty is destroying these places.

Lindsay Lohan in dead animal skin and heavy metals

American women strut around in leather boots with leather bags, while once glorious Hindu cows have their eyes stuffed with peppers and tails broken. (I once fell in love with a Hindu cow, who could only have love for me and all the people around her – though I’m afraid she met this death as well). Chinese rivers flow high with chromium, mercury and other agents used to tan leather. A whole generation of Chinese children are plagued with cancer so that Americans, Europeans, Jews and other leather users can cover their stinky feet, carry money in their pockets, carry money and make-up over their effete shoulders, and have a straps for their evil Kabbalah eyes.

The law of simplicity is, if you don’t need something, don’t take it. Do you really need to skin a cow alive and dump chromium in rivers so that you can cover your feet? It’s the same as not axing a cow’s head so you can have lunch. Covering your feet and having lunch are not brain surgery – they are simple human needs that can be met with almost nothing.

Though Europeans generally have a better society than those in the East, Europeans are derelicting their duty as world leaders in morality, purity and justice when wearing leather and fur products. Asians look up to Europeans for moral guidance, yet instead are told to torture cows, ruin the environment, use slave labor, child labor, and any other horror you could think of. They seem to think that whatever they can’t see isn’t happening.

Europeans suffer in the short-term as well. Leather shoes usually hurt their feet and can cause blistering and bleeding. Leather products exude chromium and heavy metals, weakening the nervous systems of those who wear them, and polluting the environment around them.

In a previous post we saw that Westerners have imported mass numbers of criminals to produce their meat. They are now producing mass numbers of criminals and maniacs who are spilling their destructive vibrations over to the west in world politics and global environment issues.

Some related issues:

Environmental destruction before exportation to the East in Woburn

Environmental destruction in Woburn before its exportation to the East

1. The city of Woburn’s water supply and environment was destroyed in large part by leather tanneries, which led to a famous trial. The irony is that the environmentalists who opposed these tanneries only caused the tanneries to be exported to India and China. Unless leather use is reduced, the pollution will not be reduced.

2. Leather use is directly associated with scummy bikers, who have to buy leathers to fit into their criminal gangs like the Hell’s Angles or the Finks. Motorcycles themselves are obnoxious noise polluters. Bikers also intentionally gear their motor vibrations to please sleazy women. Bikers are also involved with the creepy and barbaric practice of mass tattooing.

Hell's Angels, Germany

Hells Angels, Germany. An openly satanic club.

Misopedes in leather on parade

Misopedes in leather on parade

3. Leather use is greatly associated with misopedia and misandria. There are queer leather boot clubs, and what is termed the leather subculture is mostly a queer phenomenon. Also notice that in the major outbreaks of faggotry in the 60’s which led to the AIDS crisis later on were highly associated with leather use. The YMCA song was sung by macho parody faggots, and queer icons like Freddy Mercury wore leather pants and other similar garments. The truth of this is that people who are severely lacking in virility will seek it in a form which is extreme to the point of being criminal and feminine.

[for more about this, see Time Magazine’s Sexes: The Gay World’s Leather Fringe]

Village people faggots in leather

Village people faggots in leather

4. Leather use cannot be distinguished in public from use of human skin for clothing. Serial killer Ed Gein killed his victims and wore their skin in public, and no one could tell the difference between such products and their own animal skin products. This is similar to the issue of a cannibal with a bowl of human meat stew in a cafeteria, and no one can see that cannibalism is going on. Human meat and skin is not essentially different from animal meat and skin, and therefore should be seen as creepy, weird and criminal.


  1. Throw out leather products and don’t wear them in public to avoid advertising the idea that wearing leather is OK
  2. Replace leather belts with canvas belts
  3. Replace leather shoes with canvas shoes (we’ll look into the issue of ahimsa rubber later)
  4. Talk about leather to your family and friends
  5. Refuse gifts containing leather (politely)
  6. Cotton products are always superior to animal products. Cotton is a fruit, and when used for making fabric, doesn’t even harm the plants. Canvas is rugged, linen is soft and absorbent. Cotton breathes properly and keeps you warm.
  7. Cotton mats can replace wool or skin mats for bedding and perform better. They occasionally need to be hung outside to breathe and stay dry.
  8. Do not buy any product with real animal fur in it. Usually it is used for trim on jackets, and comes from dogs and cats skinned alive in China.

Current issues:

  1. Steel-toed work boots are not produced in canvas versions
  2. Current ahimsa solutions to leather footwear look too much like real leather, and therefore put out the wrong message

Let us pray for the well-being of every cow on this planet, who only love us and selflessly work for our benefit. Let us remember the noble character of the cow, make friends with the next cow we see, and support projects to save cows from harm. Amen and OM

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6 Responses to Why Leather is Evil

  1. Afshin Nejat says:

    Glad to have gotten rid of any of my leather. Painful to think I was basically tricked in various ways to participate in this world’s various evils, and had to learn by digging a bit to find out. I think we are told by our kindly grandparents that meat and leather are okay, because the bye-bowl said so. That’s the slow suffocation of our Spiritual Consciousness that we must find every way and means to overcome. For others, they are too shallow to have any Conscience to worry about protecting.

    The hypocrisy of damn cattle ranchers and their fellow eaters of suffering when they despise Asia for eating cats and dogs, when in fact in Asia they also have these as pets as we do. Yet these animals are flesh eaters, and treat animals smaller than them quite cruelly (not all, but as a rule they do). Whereas we treat grazing, vegetarian animals, who only TRIM GRASS TO SURVIVE, as though they are nothing but belts, shoes, and burgers.

    The sheer hypocrisy is hard to believe.

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