How to Conserve Your Energy

1. Do not masturbate. A man’s seed is half of what is required to create a new human life. It is not to be toyed with or treated lightly.
2. Meditate to concentrate and increase internal energy, which also aids in sleep
3. Don’t cut your hair. Hair needs energy to grow and consumes protein. Especially damaging is shaving with a razor, which can introduce pathogens directly into the blood stream through tiny cuts. Cut hair grows faster because it is trying to grow to its natural length. Hair grows to a natural length and stops. Hair lives for two to six years, then dies, falls out, and another one grows in its place (because God thinks it should be there). Long hair on the other hand absorbs energy and vitamin D. Hair especially loves to be in the sunlight outside.
4. Don’t use microwave ovens. Microwave ovens leak radiation into your house when they are running, and you can confirm this by looking at radiation leak statistics from competing microwave manufacturers. Also microwaves change food in a way which humans are not accustomed to. These strange new products are seen as toxic to the body and tax the immune system. People feel noticeably weaker after eating microwaved food. They may be paying a karmic price for being in such a rush to save only several seconds’ time. The traditional way to cook food to which our bodies are accustomed is with fire. Cooking doesn’t require long times. We can reheat food in a pan in 30 seconds. It’s really a mystery why people are using microwave ovens.
5. Do not use fluoride-coated cookware (teflon). Though teflon itself may be largely inert and safe to eat, it’s the gasses produced when cooking that have large amounts of absorbable fluoride in them.
6. Do not worry. Worrying is a thought in the mind that skips like an old record. Concentrate your thoughts through meditation. Organize your thoughts through creative processes. One of the eight principles of Reiki Buddhism is “never worry”. Worrying doesn’t help you. It taxes your whole system.

More on Worrying and Other Psychological/Spiritual Stress

The human system is designed to be spiritual and thinking. We have some of the largest brains in the animal kingdom, and we have the largest capacity to think, invent and create. Most of our energies are directed towards our brains. It is easier for man to deal with physical challenges than emotional ones. It’s easy to move heavy objects throughout the day, but it’s very difficult to handle emotional challenges like relationships, losing your job, moving into new circumstances, or losing a loved one. This is why it is most important that you get a handle on what is emotionally draining you – things like worrying, or complex relationships with women – and not focus on how much you are doing physically.

Exercise may or may not help you have better energy levels. It depends on what the exercise was for. Did you exercise to help the environment, like by walking to work instead of driving? Or did you run around in circles on a track because you want to impress a woman with your sexy body? If you use your energy to serve others and the Lord, your energies will only increase. If you waste your energy on vanity, you’ll only add to your feeling of tiredness.

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2 Responses to How to Conserve Your Energy

  1. vefvg says:

    hi janoklark,

    great article!

    i like especially the minute details of cutting hair, and microwave radiation leaks that would affect our energy sphere.

    can we have a part 2 on tips in conserving energy?


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