Impurity and Baldness

Hello Brothers!

Our position is that the male pattern baldness process gets kickstarted and aggravated through misuse of the generative energy. Hair loss in men is caused by testosterone, more specifically dihytestosterone (DHT) attaching to the hair follicles and causing them to shrink.

Celibate periods raise testosterone. Sex converts testosterone into dihytestosterone, which is the hair killer. Male sexers are, every now and again, converting large amounts of T into DHT. These mistakes will weigh heavy on their hearts, and one of their worldly wishes will be to have a full head of hair again and to let it to grow out.

The deeper knowledge of how hair loss occurs in men and how it is intricately linked to sex abuse could be a positive experience for yogis with hair loss. The first factor in hair loss is having hair follicles that are negatively receptive to DHT. Some men are virtually immune to the harmful effects of DHT in the scalp. This all comes down to genetics. But the second factor (and the biggest factor) is a man’s sexual activity.

It was noted in ancient times that eunuchs NEVER suffer hair loss. Modern day chemicals and pills prescribed for hair loss cause impotency and lack of “sex drive” in men. They also fire blanks, grow man-boobs and all kinds of other sexual malfunctions. In other words it strips them of their manliness in order to save their hair. They don’t realize that harnessing the sex energy; preserving it, using its power, keeps DHT levels low, and is the best way to keep hair.

More and more teens – as young as 15-16 – are suffering from male pattern baldness. There is only one reason for this, and we don’t think we need to S P E L L it out to you. Sex indulgence and orgasms are the hair killer. Especially prolonged periods of abuse. One of my old tricks was to indulge in the sex thrill but not orgasm. This ruins the hairline. The addictive sex feeling in the groin is created by DHT. The more often this is felt in the groin, the more DHT will make its way to the scalp.

Enlarged prostates are also caused by DHT circulating in the groin from sex abuse.

Some have managed to stop their hair loss through successes with celibacy. Growing back lost hair is a harder feat, but not impossible.

Many converted men would love nothing more than to have a full head of hair to grow like a wise Yogi. Please pray for their sustained hair growth. It might sound stupid, but this is important for us aesthetically as a Brotherhood.

Unfortunately for White men, who have a greater need to absorb sunlight and nutrition from their hair, 100% shaved heads are ugly, like a chicken plucked of its feathers. On the other hand, full heads of hair are glorious and energy-giving.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on and wasting your time, brothers 🙂

Hare Krsna, Br. Nick, The KBH

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2 Responses to Impurity and Baldness

  1. Are you aware of people who grew back their hair after going celibate? if so how long does it take?. Your analysis/theory make some sense and I think I’ve personally experienced this connection but I’m not too sure about it.

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