Liver and Pancreas Cleanse

on a day you’re not doing anything, you can cleanse out your liver & pancreas, even get rid of gall stones if they’re forming.
around noon, you stop eating or drinking completely.
the only think you take is either vegetable oil (preferably olive or sunflower) or a mixture of oil with a little lemon juice squeezed in.
the oil makes your liver secrete bile that’s stored in the gall bladder. the bile duct usually relaxes more than normal with this (versus a mixed up pile of stuff in an ordinary meal), and can push out a small gallstone that’s just starting to form (which would get bigger later or even trigger the bile duct to contract and bring on an extremely painful episode).
take about one or two tablespoons of oil every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day (starting at noon).
if you want to cleanse the pancreas (it can get stone, too, but not from cholesterol; the gall bladder can also get “bacterial” deposit stones like the pancreas).
take a lemon and squeeze it into about a glass (a cup and a half or so) of oil and mix it up before taking the teaspoons of oil (and lemon juice).
the pancreas secretes bicarbonate (water with baking soda chemically, but produced by your own body) to neutralize the lemon juice. cleans out the ducts and so on of the pancreas.
a lot of people poop out small stones the next day. it’s surprising. ever tried this?

– Dr. Rob

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