Human meat indistinguishable from meat of other animals

Human meat is indistinguishable from meat of other animals. There is no case in history where a murderer has fed the meat of his human victims to customers and the customers were able to tell that the meat was not pork, lamb or other meat. (Here an actual cannibal testifies that human meat tastes like pork. Here are more testimonies. African cannibals have long been known to call humans “long pigs”.)

This is about Chinese serial killers who sold human meat as pork. This serial killer probably sold the cadavers of over 30 women as pork in Canada. Three cannibals in Brazil sold meat pies with female human flesh. In another case in China, a Chinese woman 王蘭英 Wang Lanying ate people and sold two pounds of human flesh as pork, too. In all these cases, no one could tell the meat they were eating was human.

meat pie with human meat as depicted in english drama

meat pie with human meat as depicted in english drama

Furthermore, Ed Gein is an example of a killer who wore human skin gloves and paraphernalia in public, and absolutely no one was able to tell the difference. Everyone who saw him assumed his gloves etc. were made of cow, pig or goat skin.

Sellin human meat has also become a popular and plausible feature in several movie plots, like the british drama depicted to the left, and the chinese flicks «三更2之餃子» (Dumplins of the Wee Hours), Chalston Heston’s melodrama «Soylent Green», and Man-meat Noodles.

These facts should be frightening to everyone. What kind of a society do we live in, where we consume and wrap ourselves in flesh which at any point could be that of a human? What are the limits of our greed and cruelty?

cannibal_carnivores1Another factor which is key in serial killer stories is meat and slaughter. Several famous serial killers were raised by butchers or were butchers (like Robert Anderson and Richard Kuklinsky). US towns where there are slaughterhouses have frightening rates of violent crime against humans. No one wants to be friends with people who torture cats or other sentient beings for fun, and immediately start to suspect these people as dangerous to humans as well. And finally, this author suspects that many more killers are selling human meat as meat from other animals to get rid of corpses and evidence. The more meat is processed for different flavors and in different styles, the easier that becomes. Originally americans started disguising meat both in packaging in linguistically to separate themselves mentally from the crimes they commit. But now they are so far away from the reality of the slaughter, that they may be eating other humans at any meal.

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