Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision

the gomco clamp

American boys are slowly crimped, not quickly cut.

    1. American men are crimped, not cut. The Gomco (Goldstein Medical Company) clamp crushes off the foreskin slowly in a process that usually takes around 18 minutes. This fact is important because circumcision centuries ago was “only” a cut (to create a scar/tribal marking) and not its modern form. Ancient sanitation and surgical technique did not allow for the more extreme version of genital mutilation we see today. The modern form of circum-crimping induces pain that adults could not handle for more than one second, yet lasts for 18 minutes. It amputates what would have become a postcard-size piece of skin that holds 100,000 of the most sensitive nerve endings in the human body. Remember: circumcised men are crimped, not cut!
    2. The wound in the diaper is exposed to feces and urine for two weeks, which can kill the baby. So much for clean
    3. Many newborns bleed to death from circumcision. For the first few days of life, a baby does not have the ability to clot blood [1] [2]
    4. Most SIDS deaths are in fact circumcision deaths. SIDS happens in boys twice as much as girls because boys are circumcised and girls are not. SIDS happens when the baby lays face-down and suffocates itself. A crimped boy is afraid of what adults will do to him while laying face-up. He is also depressed and less willing to drink milk than his intact counterparts. This naturally results in many boys choosing to lay face down and sometimes allowing themselves to die. Officially 117 baby boys die of circumcision each year, with only 115 dying of SIDS. But we would guess that actually more than half of the 115 SIDS figure is also crimped baby boys and should actually be counted as circumcision death [1]. Sadly, this author’s own cousin was crimped at two days old in Ohio and died of SIDS
    5. Circumcision causes rape. Circumcision eliminates the frenulum, which prevents a man from penetrating a woman who is unwilling [1] [2] [3] [4] *update* Note the rape epidemic in Europe is turtle-headed by mud-slimes. 100% of rapes in Oslo are committed by “non-europeans”. “The most gruesome rape in Swedish history” was a 12-half-dicked gang rape by mudslimes (see comments below for links)
    6. Circumcision is causing the American serial killer phenomenon. The 18 minutes of crimping also causes a near-permanent psychological disorder where men feel that sex and violence are related or even a part of the same act [1] [2]
    7. GM’ed men are impossible to satisfy. Due to their missing 45,000 nerve endings, it does not register that sex has occurred, even though it has. In America, the “been there, done that” argument for celibacy is moot. Crimped men are in fact totally unaware subconsciously that they have in fact, committed this act and that there’s no need to continuously try it. In ancient China, castrated eunuchs had reputations of being the lustiest members of the imperial court. [1] [2] Metaphorically, circ is hardware solution to a software problem. Furthermore, using a hardware solution vastly increases the software problem
      jewish domination

      Jews are horribly mutilated at 8 days,
      then grow up with an often
      insatiable appetite for security

    8. Circumcision creates control freaks. Due to being tortured when completely helpless, the crimped man often grows up to be obsessed with “financial stability” and domination of others. For men who react this way, controlling vast assets and having what amounts to slaves gives them solace that the excruciating and humiliating violence committed against him will never again occur
    9. Rough, rhythmically-challenged bad sex is a result of MGM. Without his most sensitive nerves, a man needs a longer time to register the sensation. So he pulls out further, waits for the nerves to react, then slams back in. This is why 86% of New Zealand women reported preferring intact men [1] [2]
    10. Circumcision is caused by feminists. The peak of circ in the US was also the peak of feminist sentiment. All circumcisions must be approved by the mother – the father has no authority in the hospital. In a study, in 84% of couples surveyed, it was the mother who decided in favor of mutilating their boy [1]. The leading circumcision proponent in north america (which is in turn the leading circ proponent in the world) is Steven Lewis, a jewish feminut. His partner and UNICEF official who works to spread genital mutilation around the world is also a feminut, Paula Donovan:

      AIDS-Free World [circumcision organization] is an international advocacy organization with a small staff that works virtually from a dozen locations in the US and Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.[6] Co-Directors Paula Donovan and Stephen Lewis founded AIDS-Free World in 2007.[6][7] [more]

global mutilation

Jewry: the world’s largest, most organized, well-funded and influential genital mutilation organization

An Additional Fact

The world’s most organized, powerful, and influential network of baby mutilators is jews. The US intactivist movement is going nowhere (with the GM rate reducing at about 1% per year, with possible eradication in 50 years!) because jews like Kevin Kopelman, James Loewen (Lewinsky), Dean Adell, Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon, Leonard Glick, Rose FinkGilad Atzmon, Barefoot Intactivist, David Gollaher, Paul Fleiss (pediatrician), Ronald Goldman, Gordon Haber, Christopher Fletcher, Laurie Evans, and other hebros are leading the movement!

Don’t be a sucker! You think has a significant following? Are any orthodox (the fastest-growing part of jews [1]) are considering changing the rules? Jews have infiltrated your organizations for damage control, backpedaling, and spying. Americans are fools to allow jews into their anti-circumcision movement.

feminist castration fantasy from "Femen"

feminist castration fantasy from “Femen”

Further, as a necessary corollary, there should be zero feminists in the movement. Feminism was founded entirely by jews, and feminism is a direct cause of MGM (read above). Case in point, who is this fat, heinous tuppance licker, and what is it doing crawling all of your intactivist friend groups?


If you feel there is some other angle to circumcision that has not been written here or reported in the popular press, feel free to comment.

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18 Responses to Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision

  1. Circumcision is destroying the environment. Men are so willing to cut down trees and destroy the environment because they see no problem with violating the sanctity of the earth because their sanctity was violated when they were born through circumcision. Circumcision is causing the desertification of the world.

  2. mamalove76 says:

    Are you serious? Do you have a baby? Implying a baby less than 28 days old can choose to sleep on it’s stomach is wrong and idiotic!!!! I am against circumcision and believe it should be a crime. I also believe it’s the first time sex and violence meets and that it’s mutilation. The other things you state are ignorant and uneducated!

    • janoklark says:

      I assume the parents don’t put the baby face down to sleep. I have friends with babies and they never do that. Is the definition of SIDS limited to 28 days? I wouldn’t know when a baby would be strong enough to turn itself over, but it does make sense that MGM’d boys would want to sleep on their stomachs in order to protect themselves from further attack.

  3. Where did you get these facts?

    • janoklark says:

      Dunno which one you’re interested in. The first one you can find here:

      “Q: What methods of circumcision are used by other doctors?The Gomco Clamp – This is the most common technique used by physicians. It requires much longer to perform and involves much more tissue handling.”

      most american men were mutilated in this way, it’s on every man’s medical records there, not only his GM status but that a gomco clamp was used. this is changing because gomco clamps are no longer sold as they went out of business from lawsuits.

      “In this article, I focus on Gomco circumcision, since this is the method most commonly used in the United States. (“Gomco” stands for Goldstein Medical Company, the original manufacturer of the clamp used in this method.) ”

      thanks for your question

  4. Jude Lee says:

    I too would like to know where you got these facts. Many of them I’ve never heard before, and I have done a lot of research. I’m particularly interested in the backup for #3 & #5.

    • janoklark says:

      As for #5, any whole man can tell you that penetratin an unwillin woman would be very painful. A vocal proponent of the frenulum = rape-brake theory is the ubiquitous youtube blogger Onision. Comparin countries, there is much evidence rape is very common in many circumcision countries, like South Africa, where people are shocked to find that many men think rape is just normal and acceptable behavior.

      then there’s the middle east and those folks…roman polanski the anal rapist, rodney alcala the rapist and serial killer (and many other serial killers confirmed to be crimped), there’s the widespread rapin of boys in sin-agogs (documented on the failedmessiah blog), the widespread rapin of boys confirmed in afghanistan by cut afghan men etc. etc. it seems like a rather obvious connection. you’d have to be pretty dull down there to say, rape a baby. thus the frenulum = rapebrake argument. thanks

      • aryllia says:

        Sorry, but I don’t quite buy that. It sounds more like an argument to pretend that women can’t be raped by uncut men. I live in Sweden where men are expected to be “intact” and we have plenty enough rape happening, on both women and children, that I don’t think the foreskins offer that much safety. It’s more likely to be a cultural problem than a circumcision problem.

      • janoklark says:

        howdy aryllia. as far as i know sweden has mass immigration and i’m sure most of the rapes are committed by muslim, african and jewish crimped men. i know the figures for that concerning oslo, norway are that 100% of the rapes there are committed by immigrants with 9 out of 10 targets being norwegian (White) women (also see here and here). have you czeched the stats on that for sweden? i did hear they like burnin down yur police stations thar.

        oh yes, here we have some stories. a swedish mother gang-raped by twelve muzzies.

        Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan muslim refugees was the ‘most gruesome rape marathon in Sweden’s history,’ say prosecutors. The rape was oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time. Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted.

        The other Muslim onlookers were clapping and cheering and calling the woman a “whore” and a “slut,” how Muslim men describe unveiled women. The victim is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering severe mental distress. The Swedish media concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators and quickly removed the story. Swedish socialists say it would be “racist” to deport the rapists.

        see the video if you want.

        here’s a headline for ya: Muslims rape over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in first 7 months of 2013. [more]. also consider a graph of rape rates in combination with immigration rates (doubt sweden keeps statistics on the race or cultural background of perpetrators).

        in conclusion, yes, foreskins do offer lots of safety to women. not only the flesh itself with all its sensitive nerves, but the absence of PTSD victims and sexual perverts created by the “procedure” itself.

      • A few questions:

        1. Regarding your rape statistics, how do you explain the prevalence of rape in South/Central America, which is 99% intact? Additionally, how would you explain any rape or sexual violence that occurred outside of the Middle East or Africa before the 20th century? What about the countries where the majority of cases go unreported, such as Cambodia?
        2. Regarding the serial killers, how would you explain the intact serial killers here?
        3. What makes you so sure the Jewish intactivists you mentioned are not truly involved in their cause? Paul Fleiss, in particular, has done quite a lot for getting the anti-circumcision message into the mainstream population in the 20th century.

      • janoklark says:

        sorry i just saw your comment.
        i don’t think official statistics from south and central america are very credible. it would be easier just to go to a public bathing place and see for yourself how many are genitally mutilated. for example, it is commonly thought that chinese are not mutilated, but take a shower at a gym and see that around half are. further, a lot have mutilated tongues, they beat kids right out of the womb to see if they’re healthy (!) etc. there are all sorts of forms of child abuse , esp. sexual and oral which could easily contribute to high rates of perversion. talking about cambodia and other vastly underdeveloped parts of the world, the inhabitants are in general savage. while in specific they might not mutilate all genitals, they have many perverted practices that “turn” kids into future rapists. in china (which borders on cambodia and shares quite a bit of culture), school principals like to rape kids. it’s very common. being a savage place, china is just generally very dirty and unkind to kids, and that’s pretty normal for these kinds of people. the point of the above article is to show how circ directly results in or is at least a major contributor to perversion and rape, and how it physically contributes to it, making it possible by preventing pain in the frenulum, the rape brake. this is a direct connection.
        2. how did you determine that any of those serial killers were intact?
        3. being jewish means being a member of the world’s largest and most organized circumcision organization which makes zero concessions on the issue. do not go looking for “hebros” who are “good jews” who are “for our cause”. it’s as silly as paulianty, i.e., a “christianity” founded by a man whose career it was to kill Christians, Paul of Tarsus (who was also a pharisee, i.e., a jew). if you don’t understand the logic here, i don’t how else i can help you. you should not support anyone who is a member of an organization which is dead set on defeating you. the jews “in” intactivism are plants, spies, agents, shills and are doing everything they can to ruin our movement, and they’ve completely succeeded in the US. if you continue to follow them or provide positive propaganda for them like you are here in your comment, you’re with “them” and not “us”. thanks, OM and Amen

      • paranova9 says:

        “like South Africa, where people are shocked to find that many men think rape is just normal and acceptable behavior.”
        i’m not shocked. if it’s acceptable to rape a baby with a knife, then why wouldn’t it be acceptable to rape a woman with a penis.

      • paranova9 says:

        “Regarding the serial killers, how would you explain the intact serial killers here?”
        a very quick glance at the link you provided, one glaring obvious fact sticks out:
        Afghanistan: “Abul Djabar: killed 65 men and boys by strangling them with turbans while raping them; suspected of over 300 murders”
        scroll down a couple pages and there are no numbers nearly that high.

      • To paranova, from Colombia in that article, “Pedro López: also known as “The Monster of the Andes”; accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across South America.” I also saw some with 100+ counts in Colombia, Brazil, Hungary, and France. I acknowledge some of those were convicted long ago and, thus, the count may not be totally accurate. Additionally, I believe the rate in South Africa is only around 35%, according to the WHO.

        To Janoklark’s point, I acknowledge that I don’t know the circumcision status of all those killers obviously, but the general impression I’ve had from the internet is that Americans and Israelis are the anomaly when it comes to infant circumcision, and circumcision after infancy was only popular in the British commonwealth for a portion of the 20th century. Additionally, with regard to Muslims and Africans, I believe circumcision is done during puberty rather than infancy.

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  7. I am amazed at some of these closed minded females commenting on what you have written. I would venture to guess, that they would not allow anyone to cut off their genital, their “Clitoris”, so that they may never again feel pleasure. Yes circumcised males can feel pleasure, but not nearly what they would of they were intact. Also, the foreskin has a purpose, just like a females labia and all of her pieces and parts in her genitalia. It serves a purpose much like your eyelid serves a purpose. Why do people blindly accept this in human act of sheer terrorism and flat out RAPE and mutilation of male infants!!! Regardless of the newer studies showing very strong consolations between the pain trauma of male circumcision and mental problems such as disorders where the male is incapable of forming an emotional connection with a partner. People are so blind, and shallow in their thinking. If anyone has any belief in a God or Higher Power, why in the hell would every single infant male be born with a foreskin, if it was not suppose to be there????!!!! Circumcision is violating the human rights of every infant male that this horrifying mutilation is being preformed on! Following along blindly with this sadistic sick and wrong tradition of harming baby boys sexual organs, is no better then following Hitler. “This is how it is, and how it has been done as long as we can remember, so we will continue to do it.” The mentality makes my soul SICK! Wake up people! Think for yourselves instead of following a BS story of circumcising for cleanliness. How clean would a females urinary tract be if it was exposed to outside germs with nothing to cover it? A circumcised pee hole is completely exposed to the elements!! Many sensitive nerves are severed in circumcision. Imagine this Ladies, having no Labia.Your most sensitive parts exposed, then imagine the hood of your clitoris being cut off, and your pee hols being completely exposed. OPEN your minds people!!!!! Open your hearts and your souls! Its not right to circumcise a girl, and it’s damn sure not right to circumcise a male!!! The American Pediatric Society has BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars to gain by endowing Circumcision as a necessary procedure. This is a LIE!!!!!!!!! Think about the multi billion dollar industry of circumcisions, going under. Suddenly, no one allows their Doctors to touch and mutilate their sweet innocent baby boys. That is a lot of lost money to the medical profession. If you do your own research, you will see that there are more and more Doctors that are coming forward and admitting that it is an unnecessary procedure, and that the foreskin actually protects the penis from particles and germs. Just like a females genitals protect hers from particles and germs. Why are people so BLIND to the truth? Disturbing! I am writing a college paper on circumcision, and that is why I stumbled upon your web site. I am glad I did. Seeing the closed minded disturbing thought process of these people commenting on what you have written, has just sparked my passion to a higher level to write the most clear cut, honest, straight forward, no BS paper that I can write, and share it with the media. I have a son, and thank God, or Allah, A Higher power, the powers that be, or what ever you believe, that I refused to allow a Doctor to mutilate my baby boy! He is 19 years old, and very happy he is intact. He also is extremely disgusted that anyone, let alone any mother would allow someone to harm their baby boy in such a horrific way. Do not be fooled people. It is HORRIFIC!!!! A sick twisted ritual that must be stopped! If women were required to have their clitoris clipped off, in order to have a doctor cut their baby boys parts, how many mothers would chose not to do that to their baby? I would venture to guess, very few women would opt to have that done to themselves, knowing that they will loose all sensation in their sexual parts, and expose their pee pee hole directly to the elements, and experience the pain of it. Think about it. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

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