Skepticism against Modern Science

the theory of gravity itself is a materialist illusion. newton was a freemason trumped up to be some supergenius who…”proved” that attraction is based on MASS.

well no. that’s apparently not true. attraction is based on magnetism, energy, consciousness.

you can’t explain planet movements with gravity theory today. the planets and moons move in elipses, not perfect circles, and come closer and further apart from each other, and yet there’s no change in calculation, no apparent result of planets and moons rushing closer to each other when they are at a much closer distance.

so i think newton etc. in general was also one of those major steps in the wrong direction. something pushing the mechanical and materialist world view which literally states that the world goes around and the universe functions by mass relations. the dead stuff runs the energy all over again. let’s see if we can pay more people and inflate their egos, like making St. Einstein etc., to prove that black is white. literally.

in the tàijítú 太極圖 the white fish (energy, consciousness, God, men) pushes the black fish (dead matter, satan, women). from this dualist concept we get binary code for computer programming (brought from China by a German). ones and zeros. poles and holes. the pusher and the receiver.

the theory of evolution, the theory of graviation by mass etc. is trying to reverse that. they’re trying to say that the holes push and the poles receive. that mothers run families and we should take our mother’s maiden names. matriarchal society. the tribe of Canaan, the ethiopian goat-humpers that the Khazars are imitating. maybe circ is their way of trying to deny the pole’s power. reduce it and say vaginas are bigger, more assertive, the cause of every effect. angela neanderthanl-neck merkel and shillary clitton. and oh yeah, dead matter can pattern itself. energy and concisousness are the bitch of stones and water.

and a bitch is now a male dog. </hooey>

there are no experiments that show you can get life from dead matter, i.e., that dead matter patterns itself. there has been no simple bacteria produced out of any recreation of proto-biotic soup.

the fruit-fly experiments which have been going on for 40 years have failed to show ONE positive mutation. hence in every language, mutation is a negative word which it should be.

dahr-wits want to prove black is white. mutation is good. we can get extremely complex, interdependent structures from mutations.

DNA is not the stuff of life. DNA does not produce life. It cannot produce anything. DNA is a dead material molecule. we wear our genes, our genes don’t wear us. the idea that DNA is even a blueprint or a plan has long been dead. it cannot be shown that life (energy consciousness) follows DNA. there are theories and papers flying around trying to explain how DNA can “change itself” during the life of the organism. something called a homeobox. an attachment around the DNA that can change the DNA as things go along etc. etc.

<not> jooz have negro DNA. </not> Khazars run the sciences and they define their mongol butts as african so they can steal isreal. therefore when they see a khazar gene they call it african. the definition of which genes come from where and belong to which race is a political issue, not a scientific one. getting a DNA test where they interpret your origins is paying these dimwits to make their political statement on you.

I think William as a linguist has a much better idea of who comes from where simply based on the words they use.

<newtonian drivel>
I’m attracted to wimmin because they have big asses, and the mass of the ass pulls me in the direction of the ass
</newtonian drivel>

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