Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion

Rupert Sheldrake discusses the ten central assumptions of science:

  1. Nature is mechanical or machine-like (“We’re lumbering robots” – Dick Dockings)
  2. Matter is unconscious
  3. The laws of nature are fixed
  4. The total amount of matter and energy is constant (except for during the big bang)
  5. There is no purpose in nature
  6. Biological heredity is material
  7. Memories are stored in your brain as material traits
  8. Your mind is inside your head
  9. Psychic phenomenon like telepathy are impossible
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works

Also remember five things science cannot prove but are rational to accept from William Lane Craig:

  1. Logical and mathematical truths cannot be proven by science. Science presupposes logic and math, so using science to prove them would be arguing in a circle
  2. Metaphysical truths, e.g. there are other minds other than my own, the external world is real, or that the past was not created five minutes ago with an appearance of age, cannot be proven by science
  3. Ethical beliefs cannot be challenged by the scientific method. You can’t prove that Schmucky Schlongtwaddler‘s experiments in Africa are evil as opposed to experiments conducted in Germany
  4. Aesthetic judgments. The beautiful, like the good, cannot be scientifically proven
  5. Science itself. Science is permeated with assumptions, e.g. like how relativity assumes the speed of light is constant and travels in a straight line between point A and B

And the eight simple questions you won’t believe that science cannot answer:

  1. How gravity works
  2. How long is the US coastline (or any coastline)
  3. How many specie of animal exist
  4. How to beat solitaire
  5. How a bicycle works
  6. Why ice is slippery
  7. How many planets are in our solar system
  8. Why we sleep
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3 Responses to Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion

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  2. fundator says:

    Really great post and talk. It is significant that Sheldrake at the start of the talk establishes that he is not throwing out the baby (scientific method) with the bath water (materialistic dogma). It is extremely ironic that the reason why there is so much debate in the scientific community on such topics is that most of these people have simply not done the “experiment” of celibacy and meditation to any degree.

    Rogan has a great 1.5 hour long interview (all his podcast are around or over 2 hours so he can really get into it with his guests) with Dr. Amit Goswami, a quantum physicist and yoga practitioner, in which he elucidates thoroughly the scientific grounding of the non-locality of mind. They get into the implications of this in within our practical reality, consciousness, and the yogic systems which merge these two. A very useful item in and of itself, and an appropriate follow up to this enlightening TED lecture:

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