Vegan B12 and Protein Deficiency is a Hoax

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2 Responses to Vegan B12 and Protein Deficiency is a Hoax

  1. wartica says:

    I always thought so, even being a vegetarian; the vegetables and the pumpkin seeds I eat, all have an abundance of Vitamin B’s in them, so you don’t need to rely on meat for that!

    • janoklark says:

      It’s always been my impression that nutrition is more an issue of what you lose than what you input. And what you input is better fresh and of good quality, and not very much. Fasting is healthy and good. The amazing point of this video is that there seems to be very little correlation between his literal dietary input and what his blood levels of these nutrients are. It’s a good antidote to all the annoying soft commercials in the media which say “X food has Y, and you need Y to do this and that, so eat more X!”. The media is always saying to eat more more more…yet there are even airetarians and other serious fasters in this world who are very, very healthy with minimal nutritional input. Cheers!

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