Convicted Rapists Who Didn’t Rape

If a man sticks his weapon into a pelvic snot hole, he will end up hurting himself. The pain is described as utterly excruciating.


The unexcited, dry mucosal obstetric female orifice (MOFO) causes the man’s prepuce to be pulled back hard, and the man’s frenulum will rip and tear. He will bleed. And the highly concentrated nerve endings will practically paralyze him, for an almost indefinite period of time, in horrific, hellish, agonizing pain.


Oh, wait… American men don’t have a frenulum to tear. It was crimped off right after birth.


Circ’ed penises can and do rape. Butt holes. MOFO’s. Just about anything it can be stuck into.


Rape is a re-enactment of circ. As is “love making”. Which is, basically, a violent and abusive assault on the MOFO.


Rape is an expression of male rage and hate of the MOFO. Because the amputee has been conditioned to hate the MOFO.


Circ is custom designed for rape and sexual abuse. To cause it. To accommodate it.
I suspect that the underlying purpose of circ is to expressly cause hate in men against women. Again any and all sensations, and any and all things that cause sensation in the amputation stump.


A roommate of mine raped a girl years ago, students at Georgia Tech. I was making a sandwich, and heard the whole thing.


Her assertive, emphatic “nooohhhhwww!!! noooohhhhw!!! noooohhhhhw!!!”, which gave way to a pathetic, frightened moan,”whuuuuhhhh… whuhhhhh… whuuuuu…”. As he growled. Like an angry animal. And she whimpered as he raped her. I remember it like it was yesterday. The door was closed. But I heard it all. I did nothing. I said nothing. I just robotically kept on making a sandwich. I don’t know why. I was in some bizarre hypnotic state. I just “could not” do anything, but keep on, mechanically, make that sandwich with “Deviled ham”, on white bread, Sunbeam. I can see it in my mind like it was a video clip. I wasn’t there, somehow.


The look on that girl’s face, after he let her out of the room he raped her in, was something that imprinted itself onto my mind. I’ll never forget it. He had a Sadistic grin from ear to ear. Satisfied with himself to no end. Later, he proudly snickered that she was a virgin. One fraternity had a bloody sheet on their frat house wall, they had gang raped a sorority girl at a drinking party. She brought a lawsuit against the fraternity later, after she dropped out of school, traumatized, according to the article in the school paper. Gang rape, to me, is sort of akin to some weird homosexual act. Men aren’t f–ing each other in the ass, but in my mind they’re sort of using the female victim as an oddball “condom” in a gay orgy of some sort. It all makes me a bit nauseous thinking about it.


F–k sex.


It’s a sick world(copyright).


I never felt “badly” as such, about not doing anything. Just a bit confused about my actions, or lack thereof.


But then, the dumb bitch did go into his room. And, from what I was told later, smoked a joint. So who knows? Some things are seriously f–ked-up™.


American™ stumps are a clear and present danger to both themselves and others. They need to be confined and controlled. Dumbocracy is a farce. As is “America”. These pathetic, neurotic, whack-job, angry, confused superFaggits (aka women) need to be warned about the other 1/2 of the American population. American stumps are really a pile of sick f–ks. They can’t help it, though. They are not perpetrators. But victims. Bad karma is a boomerang.


– Dr. Rob
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2 Responses to Convicted Rapists Who Didn’t Rape

  1. janoklark says:

    Q: Why haven’t you ever been married?
    A: Because I don’t like wimin (all wrongs reserved).
    Q: Why don’t you like women?
    A: Because I’m not gay.

    Female = super-Faggit.

    If you like women, you are gay.

    -Dr. Rob

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