Jim Jones was a Proud Yankee? Official demonization of religious assembly

Jim Jones was abusing himself aggressively up until the day he and 917 other corpses were piled up at Jonestown, Guyana (a country on the northern coast of South America). He once said:

I masturbated five times a day until I got married. [1]

Pictures of the victims reveal mostly females and Blacks. [1] [2]

Why did this happen to Jim Jones’ world? We often reflect that inner destruction leads to outer destruction. A man’s creative fluid, when not used for creation, is toxic, and every sperm is a life form unique from the man who made it. The mass murder invisible then causes the visible.

Deborah Layton-Blakey

Deborah Layton-Blakey, wife of CIA operative who paid the down-payment for PT’s property in Guyana,¬†George Phillip Blakey, sister of Leo Ryan’s murderer, Lawrence Layton, and daughter of Chemical Weapons Division head and main PT contributor, Dr. Laurence Layton, Sr. She’s the one who goes around telling the kool-aid story.

The True Story

There are certain parasitic forces which find a man whose soul is blighted by masturbation. It turns out that Jim Jones is merely a scapegoat, that there was a larger plan by the powers that be, and that he was murdered along with all the other disposable cattle and insects. Jim Jones’ “Peoples Temple” was a fake organization, Jones had no charisma to attract followers, and those who were in the group were threatened with violence. It was more like a Jewish/CIA created group of prisoners and slaves.


Put a cup there, and suddenly this disemboweled man becomes a “suicide”? Ridiculous!


This man’s face looks blown out. Put a cup on the grass and it’s ruled suicide by US officials? Ridiculous!


The black man’s arm has a puncture wound. The White man’s pillow has blood splatters. Dr. Leslie Mootoo correctly ruled these deaths homicides.

Bodies were apparently dumped off of trucks

Bodies were apparently dumped off of trucks. Notice bodies around the truck ruts and bodies piled up higher close to the ruts

The whole kool-aid suicide story is fake and mainly comes from a highly questionable witness, Deborah Layton Blakey (see picture and caption above). The US government refused to do autopsies and left the neatly-arranged, mostly face-down bodies rotting in the fields. The Guyanan government headed by Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo took the opportunity to do their own autopsies and concluded that all the victims were murdered.

Drugs used to murder prisoners/slaves at the Peoples Temple

Drugs used to murder prisoners/slaves at the Peoples Temple

The FBI shows pictures of themselves listening through tapes on Flickr, and the impression they give is that they are carefully listening for evidence to find out who is responsible and bring them to justice. In fact what they are doing is finding which tapes have information damning to the mafia that created Jim Jones and destroying those tapes. They kept the tapes which contained mostly music and inane conversations, then edited up the critical “death tape,” and hundreds of others containing damning evidence were destroyed. [1]

Though Guyana and Guyanans know the obvious fact that the 917 folks in the Peoples Temple were murdered on November 18th, 1978, the plan in America was to have no trial and try the entire case in the media. They used the event as propaganda against religion and collectivism to increase the power of their own satanic collective. The Jews and CIA agents involved survived and were not questioned. [1] The cases of murder which had too many witnesses were blamed on a certain Lawrence Layton – and yes, he’s the husband of the main suicide “witness” Deborah Layton Blakey. Though he killed the Jewish congressman Leo Ryan and several others, he’s free on parole today (!). [1] (Leo Ryan was an insider, but may have been killed by accident, or knocked off for changing the plan).

Kosher Newsweek Demonizes Cults

Kosher Newsweek demonizes cults (except if they’re Jewish or the US government)

Kosher Time Magazine attacks "Cults"

Kosher Time Magazine attacks “Cults.” Filthy vat of blood, poison or other liquid labeled as “kool-aid” with which the neatly-placed, face-down executed bodies “killed themselves”

Main news outlets jumped on the story and began their destruction of the word cult, trying to make Americans think that having religious groups living, working and farming together was evil and involved mind control.

As Brother Nick at Spirituallysmart.com puts it:

I know for a fact that they have used Jonestown and the theory of mind control against true Christian churches. What a perfect way to cause problems for churches. Label them cults like “Jonestown” and “Waco” and people will be scared to associate with them. Think of it as a sort of modern day “counter reformation.” Heretic = Cult member.

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10 Responses to Jim Jones was a Proud Yankee? Official demonization of religious assembly

  1. What does this have to do with Jews? In case you didn’t know, cyanide poisoning makes you cough up blood. There were syringes for the poison for the children (over 200) and I suppose for those who didn’t want to drink it. Jones was charismatic, and his ideals were communistic. And when people die standing up, they usually fall forward because of weight distribution, so that explains why they are face down, or they could have planned to fall that way… they did plan a massive suicide/murder… who knows what they did? These people were clearly brainwashed and totally perverted in their thinking. Their logic and consciences were not what they should have been.

  2. The white man on a blood splattered pillow in the pic was Jim jones before autopsy. The one above the man and child was Jim jones after autopsy they moved him outside for this. All this is well documented.

  3. leakaran says:

    its Guyanese not guyanans

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