All Sex is Dirty, and Here’s Why

Ain't nothin clean about MIPS

Ain't nothin clean about MIPS

The word “safe sex” is about as smartalec as “judeo-christian” or “military intelligence,” and here’s why.

1. The mouth is crawling with worms

Humans do not have the natural adaptations of animals, including adaptations for staying clean. Dogs have more immunity against parasites than humans, and – in spite of their proclivities – dogs continue to have mouths that are far cleaner than humans. There have been several myth buster type shows which attempted to disprove this, all of them finding instead that yes indeed the human mouth is dirtier than a dog. As their methods for experimentation differed, they had varying results, but all results affirmed that dog’s mouths are in fact cleaner than humans.

2. Vaginas are sewerpipes

The vagina is also filthy. When a woman gets wet, that’s mucous or urine, and one inch away she defecates. Feces, urine and the vagina are only separated by thin walls. Women also get around ten times more infections than intact men. Women detox and shed their uteral lining through the vagina once a month for several days. This waste reeks and is filled with nasty toxins. Being celibate I’m able to smell menstruating women from several feet away. As misopedes rarely if ever come in contact with vaginas and are not addicted to them, they also can smell female stench from women’s bathrooms, for example. Because women are naturally so much dirtier than men, women are obsessed with keeping clean and covering up their nasty smells. Look in your local grocery store and drug store for all the products invented to help women try to stay clean and cover up odors. Is there even one product for men to “stay fresh”?

3. Contraception is toxic to the hilt

There is no way to cheat and try sex without getting very dirty. All methods of contraception are highly toxic. A condom has 57 EPA-listed toxins, including two carcinogens (like n-nitrosamine) and one teratogen (that induces birth deformities). Believers in modern science who disbelieve in karma or morality will always state that STD’s are spread by viruses and that the answer to blocking these viruses is condumb use. However, their same stoopid science states that condoms are porous and have millions of holes that are several hundred to several thousand times larger than supposed viruses, including the Hoax Insult Virus – you know, the mysterious, untestable entity which randomly gives nice, wholesome anal worshipers a terminal disease. (Poor fellers!) When they’re not taking poppers and other death-defying drugs to loosen their sphincters, they’re hugging trees, picking up garbage and doing constructive things for society. And suddenly horror of horrors, they pick up some virus and have to die. Where’s my hanky? Poor misopedes. The answer do HIV is, they say, to bag it with latex – a benzine-based, nasty-smelling insult suit for their rapidly-declining manhood. This is supposed to make them safe when they further inferiorate themselves and all men by sticking it in some unspeakable place.

The benzine bag don’t help heterosechals either. Their little brother’s cryin out for mercy, askin, “Hey dude, why you stick me in a garbage bag, throw me in a dark room and make me do pushups till I puke?” This is no way to treat a temple. C’mon men, have some self respect!

Women can take birth patrol pills, which lace the public drinking water supply with amazing concentrations of feminizing hormones. They also put men in direct contact with poontang durin fornication. The pills themselves give wimmin several thousand times the estrogen levels of pregnancy, makin them horsefeather pregnant. As if this weren’t bad enough, to reduce the already high cancer risks, big pharma has set the levels at what is just enough to trigger the sham pregnancy. This means that often the woman in fact gets pregnant, but because her womb isn’t ready, the poor tike drops out and dies. Birth control pills cause abortion all the tahm.

4. Masturbation is even worse

Your hands are hotels for for dirt. Rub your eyes twice and they turn pink with infection. Your hands are touching all kinds of stuff all day. Rub that on your skin, and it gets in your blood stream.

Havin a woman do it would be worse, as wimmin’s hands is dirtier than men’s:

In this study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , the researchers studied 51 graduate students. In the report, published online November 3rd, the researchers also discuss how men and women’s hands differ, noting, “the palms of women were… found to harbor significantly greater bacterial diversity than those of men.”

And grad students isn’t old ladies, either.

On top of this, the body is forged into a sick-lookin posture by the electric shock of deathspasm. Also when wankers lose their great creative power down their drain pipe, it not only lackens their luster, but lowers their ability to fend off disease.


The heaven of man is in the noggin. The sewer of man is the crotch.  There is no way to rub sewers or touch toilets in some clean way. You can scrub it with your steely wool but you just can’t disinfect the beast. This is why AIM tests pornstains on a daily basis, they are cleared for all viruses, then suddenly they get weird stuff like gonorrhea of the throat, or like Ginger Lee – “lupus flares.” The only way to make it all make sense is to understand the immune system = karma formula.

Sorry for wastin so much of your tahm. We’re much obliged for your readership. Be pure and God bless.

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  1. Jeff Hocker says:

    Hahaha that’s some good stuff, man.

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