Details on ahimsa

Meat eaters often justify slaughter of innocent animals by saying plants are also sentient beings. The first problem with that is that animals eat many plants and eating animals equals eating far more plants than what a vegetarian would eat. Thus this argument is, on its face, insincere – meat eaters are not interested in saving the lives of plants.

Contrary to such obfuscatory tactics (as the parasites control carnivorous minds), there are in fact several points of discrimination between all different life forms. It may take hundreds of thousands of inaninmate objects’ consciousness put together to equal the consciousness quotient of a plant. It may take hundreds of thousands of plants considered as a whole to equal the consciousness quotient of an insect. It may take thousands of insects to reach the level of consciousness of one mammal, and thousands of mammals to equal the consciousness of one human. It may take thousands of humans’ consciousness to equal that of one angel – and who knows how many millions of angels could finally equal that of God. Therefore, our conservation of mammal, pescian and avian life forms and a simple diet of plant foods is:

  1. 428652_508853769174831_1784226195_nA simple life style. Plant foods are easily-obtained, cleanly grown and enjoyed, and produced at minimal cost
  2. Is often sybiotic with plants. Plants live and feed on the feces and urine we produce by eating their leaves, roots and fruits
  3. A humane life style, one that demonstrates to God (who is always with us, always the unseen listener to each conversation, the unseen observer to each of our meals) and other humans that we are compassionate to and respectful to the Creation. Not eating dog meat in China, for example, demonstrates to others that we value their loyalty and will not stab them in the back

Also never mentioned by the meat eaters is that there are karmic differences between different animals. Not all animals or humans are innocent and docile. The rule of ahimsa is not as simple as its often-used translation in English non-violence or in Chinese 不殺生 non-killing. It includes volumes on what constitutes justice. Vegetarians like those in India are worse than useless, because they refuse to maintain justice and manage evil, destructive elements in society and among other life forms. Without brother’s keeper, we end up condoning great amounts of destruction. Watching an arsonist burn down someone’s house is the same as burning it down yourself.

Meat eaters often imagine they are lions, though human meat eaters eat cooked meat from animals deemed the strongest and healthiest. Human consumption of meat amounts to great environmental destruction because it is aimed at the best, biggest and strongest among herds and schools. Human consumption of meat is especially destructive because it is unjust. Lions and tigers, in fact, eat only meat from the weakest, sickest elements of herds. They cull the herd and improve its quality. As the lion’s body is designed to eat meat, the meat can be half-rotten, and it is never cooked. Its stomach has a carnivore pH of one, which cooks and processes the meat for the lion. Aside from this, the life of a lion or tiger is not romantic. They live very short lives (seven to nine years…and feral cats only live four years in the wild). They are not the “kings” of the jungle. The strongest animals in the jungle, who are not afraid of lions at all and who enjoy long life spans, are all vegetarian. Hippopatomi, gorillas and elephants are much stronger, more intelligent, and long-lived than big cats. In short, humans are not lions.

Some forms of life, though a part of the food chain and playing a part in ecology, are – in the short-term – parasitic, dangerous and often inimical to human life. Mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats must be kept under strict control in all cities.

What is innocent, docile life? Pigs, cows and chickens are innocent and docile because they not only do not hurt humans – they don’t bite, attack, or maim humans – they do not enter human homes to steal food or ruin our property. These animals have long been convinced of our superiority, and would never harm us. If a man can turn on such animals, torture them, maim them, and have them for dinner – how far is he from doing these things to humans?

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