Mental Illness Caused By Leisure

The cause of the majority of mental illness is leisure. People who have mental problems tend to spend their time in idleness. The growth in the mental health industry in America has corresponded with the loss of manufacturing jobs in the united states. Also the growing amount of mental illness in America also corresponds with more and more Americans relying on house cleaners and landscapers to do their domestic chores.

I am not saying that times of idleness should be avoided entirely. There are certainly times to reflect on things. However too much contemplation is a cause of mental disease.

Americans have started to consume many psychiatric pills in the hopes that their mental illness will be cured however unfortunately these psychiatrists are quacks who have no understanding of mental illness. Psychiatric drugs cannot cure any mental illness. The prescription that is necessary is people need to be told to spend time cleaning their own houses and mowing their own lawn(that is if they have a lawn and they choose for their lawn not to be wild).

If one finds oneself without chores to do one should walk around ones own neighborhood and look for litter to clean up in order to help beautify ones own neighborhood.

Doing menial labor is a great joy.

Cultures that have disdain for menial labor have high rates of mental illness.

Many monasteries spend a lot of time cleaning.

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