Dust in the Wind

Kansas is a weird band. Why the state Kansas? From Eric Dubay:

 bxrcxificaaxgymIn 2003, three University Geography professors collaborated in an experiment to prove that the state of Kansas is indeed actually flatter than a pancake! Using topigraphical geodetic surveys covering over 80,000 square miles it was determined that Kansas has a flatness ratio of 0.9997 over the entire state while the average pancake, precisely measured using a confocal laser microscope comes in at 0.957, making Kansas thereby literally flatter than a pancake.

So Kansas is literally flat earth.

The song that ZOG pushes the most from them is «Dust in the wind»; in fact it seems they fabricated the whole band solely for the purpose of promoting this song everywhere. If you geighgle search dust in the wind the first result is their music video on jewtube, so you see even the nihilistic phrase “dust in the wind” is synonymous with this song. They’re fabricated in the sense that the members, the lead singer of which is a yellow potato mexican, don’t appear to be even acquaintances much less friends in real life. We’ve heard of these “FBI bands” in the past.


We see right here the beginning of the massive ziobot propaganda machine attempting to make fun of Flat Earth in a juggernaut psyop, brainsmudging the whole world that FE has a dangerous, impossible edge. The success of this album cover and the constant playtime given to this song can be shown in the fact that if you mention FE to anyone on the street, the first objection anyone will have is that “you could fall off the edge”. (Naturally the FE model has no more an edge than the copernican model. )

Inside the baal model is this ridiculous edged model. The sun is being eclipsed by the moon or Rahu while the glassy globe seems to be eclipsing another external sun. Going off the edge inside the globe seems to be taking the ship to another world where those inner clouds and eclipsed sun would be in the sky. Perhaps this is them trying to hint at some occult knowledge of the world beyond the antarctic ice ring (as described in the novel perhaps based on a true story, «The iron republic»), the proverbial “point of know return” written below, the point past which you return to your original and true understanding (children see the sun going down, and have no eyes in their heads which see the world going round). The whole thing is surrounded by the serpent-dragon that ancient cosmologies often held was in the great deep below the disk earth.


This cover shows a cookie-cutter audience clapping at a show making fun of flat earth. They pay tickets to get fooled. They are enjoying their mental slavery. But John Brown (the unsuccessful freer of slaves) is pointing to the show and yelling: “Flat earth!”.


On this album cover we have the regular Kansas logo, which I can’t help but thinking has a bunch of disks and pillars hiding behind the front parts of the letters (the world is a disk which is established on four pillars). Also in this version the inner world, being some sort of satanic “liberation” from God’s confining laws and Creation, is now replaced by a Lilith type demoness. She seems to have the baphomette dick-vag nonsense going, some sort of sword where its slime hole should be. The wings look like possible horns to a baal-type face (two eyes on the waist, the ball at the slimehole being the nose…hmmm). All in all it looks like this true inner world is surrounded by a deceiving dragon-snake of “space” and stars above a blood-colored layer of clouds (violent smoke and mirrors), in which the primary covering/deceiving layer is Lilith or the queen of lust.

Eustace Mullins describes Lilith in «The curse of Canaan: a demonology»:

A Demonarch, who presumably was Satan, ruled over all demons on earth. He was also known as the Prince of Evil, Belial (the Hebrew Be’aliah, meaning Yahweh is Baal). Next in the hierarchy of demons was Asmodeus, King of the Demons, and his wife, Lilith, chief demoness of the Jews. Lilith is well known today as the patron goddess of the lesbians. Her name survives in many current organizations, such as the Daughters of Lilith. This choice of a patroness suggests that there may always) have been a certain amount of demoniac impulses in homosexual practices. This motivation would fit in with the basic rites of occultism, such as defiance of God, and the development of “unusual lifestyles.” The inevitable retribution for these practices has now appeared among us in the form of the widespread plague of AIDS.

Lilith is typical of the demons who were created by sexual intercourse between the daughters of man and the Watchers. They first appeared during the six days of creation as disembodied spirits, and later took physical form. The Book of Zohar says, “Every pollution of semen gives birth to demons.” The Encyclopaedia Judaica refers to “the impurity of the serpent who had sexual relations with Eve.” The Kabbalah claims that Lilith had intercourse with Adam and produced demons as part of the cosmic design, in which the right and the left are the opposing currents of pure and impure powers, filling the world, and dividing it between the Holy One and the serpent Samael . (Zohar Bereshit 73b., 53 et seq.)

Webster’s Dictionary says of Lilith: “Heb. meaning of the night. 1. Jewish folklore, a female demon vampire. 2. Jewish folklore, first wife of Adam before the creation of Eve.” Many legends identify Lilith as the first wife of Adam. These myths claim that God formed Lilith out of mud and filth. She soon quarreled with Adam. Because of her overweening pride, she refused to let him lie on top of her. It is for this reason that she was adopted as the patroness of the lesbians. She left Adam and fled to the shores of the Red Sea, where she was said to indulge in her sexual fantasies with demons, living among the wild beasts and hyenas. Her presence gave rise to many terrifying legends; she became the chief of Jewish demonesses and was said to prey on newly born children, sucking the life out of them. She also was known to suck the blood from men who were sleeping alone and is referred to as “the night hag” (Isaiah 34:14 – And wild beasts shall meet with hyenas, the satyr shall cry to his fellow; yea, there shall the night hag alight, and find for herself a resting place.) Except for this one verse, her name was excised from all Scripture because of her unsavory reputation.

Other legends claimed that Lilith and her accompanying demonesses ruled over the four seasons, as Lilith-Naameh, Mentral, Agrath, and Nahaloth. They were said to gather on a mountaintop near the mountains of darkness, and there celebrate the Witches Sabbath, when they would have intercourse with Samael, the Prince of Demons.

Lilith, your lust, covers the true cosmology of the world from you, and the rich, famous band of flat earthers, Kansas, are chanting in your face that all you are is dust in the wind. Keep paying the zogbux; keep buyin yur Sumner Rothstein tunes on iTunes! Ahhh, but the KBH helped figure out your silly trick.

That’s all for today brothers. OM and Amen!

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