The selling point of the gyroscope is that it stays stable in crazy flying twisting things like fighter jets, and it can sell for thousands of dollars to complete this task. But it’s calibrated to a motionless, stable earth. The idea that the gyroscope would follow the motions of an earth flying astronomical speeds in at least five different directions, following a wild, randomish spaghetti path is a contradiction in terms. Its very definition is that it doesn’t move. And in experiments (many more will be appearing for sure as FE swings strong into motion) show that gyroscopes don’t move anywhere for hours and hours of uncut film footage. In a six-hour video, if the earth were moving at the claimed speed below it, the gyroscope would be pointing 90 degrees in another direction at the end of the film, but it doesn’t move one hair.

Boom. Again, another slam-dunk proof of FE – the stable, Biblical, classical, religious model of the earth.

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