Odinut Contradictions


“Oh no. The Christians are coming.”

“Christianity destroyed all the pagan religions”, but “Christianity is beta cuck phag joo collaboration”. Either Christianity is powerful, beta, and true, defeating the weak, unorganized and degenerate pagans, or it is weak, beta, and cuck, easily defeated by the uber-powerful Odin and Thor. I.e., you can’t be the religion of power and cry “muh massacres” at the same time (incidentally, this contradiction exists among the pharasites as well! The chosens are super-powerful, we’re all their slaves, but muh holocaust! Gotta go cry crocodile tears at yad vashem…)


You can’t claim, logically, to be White Nationalists when your primary targets of arson, destruction, criticism and hatred are aimed at nearly every member of the White Race (also called Christendom). Very recently there are fewer Christians among Whites. But in the 2000 years of history after Christ, we’re still talking an average of over 99%.

Pagans claim Christianity has collaborated with phariseeism too much, and its history of opposing it isn’t enough. However, paganism has exactly zero history opposing pharasites.

Religions don’t die and you can’t wipe them out. Christianity was illegal, underground, and its members tortured, imprisoned and killed for 1000 years. Yet all the texts (Textus [the original Bible], the Clementine Homilies, all the writings of the early Church fathers etc) remain unchanged. Christianity grew fantastically under persecution. This is because it is a religion, and religions are concerned only with the spiritual and are not of themselves material things that you can go and destroy.

“The Bible has problems”

The Bible never has, and never will define Christianity. Rudimentary understanding of etymology shows that Christians follow (-an) Christ. Christianity has never been called Biblism. It couldn’t be called Biblianity because books don’t have legs. The first official Bible wasn’t made until the council of Nicea in 325. Most Christians never read books, and still today most Christians do not read the Bible at all. Christ was never shown with books. He was never said to be a bookworm. There are exactly zero icons of the bookworm Jesus Christ, with glasses in front of a bookshelf like Dick “A-little-pedo-doesn’t-hurt” Dockins. If you love books and you’re a Christian, you can also read the Clemintine Homilies, the works of the early church fathers, and to familiarize yourself with actual Christian law, the Catholic Catechisms (like the very clear, severe and broad injunctions against circumstumption and abortion).

l_113“Jesus was a Jew”

The lying satanic odinists like Seana Fenner, Sine-aid (or Sin-aid), Vag Vaginess/Baphomette, try to say that Jesus Christ was a pharisee. Anyone and everyone knows what happened 2000 years ago and the history that’s passed down through the generations and through the habits, laws, and teachings in traditional Christendom that Jesus was killed by pharisees because they hated Him for expelling them from the temple. The entire New Testament is the story of how Christ fought the pharisees. The fake “jews” of today readily and openly admit they are pharisees:

“The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.” — Universal Jewish Encyclopedia

Thus, odinuts insist on using the vague, modern and confusing term “jew” over the clear, undeniable and enlightening term “pharisee”.


Actin kosher, lookin kosher

Saying vs. Doing

The odinuts, further, can say anything they like…like blogging on the interwebs that they touched a gun when hearing about a pharasite. Oooh, how tough. But what have they done? Burn Christian churches, not sin-agogs, mosques, or refusee centers. It’s easily seen by their actions that they are the enemies of White people, satanic, working for and supporting kosher institutions (like phillip-morris tobacco, seagram’s/pepsi liquor, body mutilation, Chuck Schuldiner’s death metal, hymieweird’s movie reviews, and jack donovan fudge packing). The discussion, for so many of them, is about what these people say as opposed to what they do. Burning churches when there are plenty of mosques, sin-agogs and refusee centers around – killing a White man when there are infinite numbers of invaders around – shows us clearly what Vag is about. That he and his followers feel no regret for what he did, that further, they name their sites with references to fire, shows you clearly what they’re up to.

l_114God designed our bodies perfectly. If odinuts believe in God, or even in the wisdom of nature, and further if they believed our white skin were beautiful and good, they wouldn’t mutilate it with tatts, nails and what have you. Another contradiction between saying and doing.

If they really feel their “religions” were destroyed, they’d work hard to rebuild them. It would take serious practice, meditation, and moral sacrifice. So far we’ve seen nothing.

Sin-aid would “effing do it again”. Pharisees unleash a constant stream of hatred against everything Christian
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