Vag Vaginess

OM brothers. So there’s this this guy who’s definitely not a sick pagan, anti-Christian zio-tool wanker, and he’s called Vag Vaginess/Baphomette. This is him and his deathmetal buddy:


Now deathmetal is only cool if the death is fake. Like wear black clothes, bullets and satanic shat mayne. But don’t actually stab a guy in the head. But that’s what Vag did, i.e., it was all sort of deathy cool radical until someone really died.


Sorta reminds one of how all the badman fans wanted to watch all those juicy killings and firey exploding things, paid good money for it, then got all upset when the shooty shooty got all woah it’s really.


Because Baphomette loves our Race so much, he decided to cut into his skin, covering it with graffitti (in this case, a demon stabbing a sword through an angel’s head in a church…hmmm…)

Vag Vaginess chose deathmetal like a morning bagel. It’s empty inside, but it tastes subversively geshmekt. It’s a kosher loop, coming from a long line of chosenites wanting to fill goy minds with positive, constructive ideas necessary to regenerate their nations. They started off with Chuck Schuldiner, then branched out into Black Shabbas [1], Mötley Jüe, Sepultorah, Metallikatz [1], Van Horah, Iron Matzo, Aeroschvitz, High on Fierstein, Chimaror, Schlomo’s Schmutz Pit…and eventually Vag’s Bar-zum (something about zuming around a bar for moar beer to guzzle, sheeps’ head to gnaw on, and some tattooed bones to jump). After this ingenious, boots-on-the-ground action to help out real White people, i.e., screaming about death in their ears, he went to his esteemed colleagues’ house and drove a pocket knife into his head. He told his other friend to calm down and they drove home where he proceeded to help us burn down our most beautiful, ancient, mysterious and awe-inspiring churches. Then his odinut friends did our Race a favor and sliced up their skin, adding images of both him and the heroic church burnings.

Because of his superior pagan morality, he was jumping the bones of random coom-dumpsters, resulting in the birth of a whore who slept with enough hooknoses to get a deal with Abbey Roads Studios, London at the ripe age of 20, shaking her floppy teets into camera lenses at boxing rings. In traditional polygamy, he then married a french womb-man, mooches off her while publishing mostly blog entries about videogaming.

Muh pagan culture

Mr. Baphomette blathers his fat labbra better than any Tyrone out there: muh pagan religions! He, with his boner and boobies, evades responsibility better than any your average Violent Mikes. Everything is the fault of the invading, colonizing romans, who ran over the mysteriously epic battle-warrior, bad-buttocks pagans, who were also magically unable to get along with each other ever and lost every time. It all makes perfect sense. This Tyrone-style Aryan under the tyrant had tons and tons of culture (believe him – really!), and many many more religions (no, no! He faeces you not!). It’s just a cohen-incidence, a pure moment of dindu nuffin, that no odious-t, no zogbot dead set on the destruction of European Religion and culture, cannot provide one coherent article describing one pagan “religion”.

Sort of reminds one of the Da-lie Llama, the meat-engorging, smiley-faced croney running Free Tibet and his claim of “30,000 destroyed temples” from the communists. Couldn’t be that the commies let everyone have a little bit of land, destroyed the “nobility”, and that very violent, ignorant and sinful class’ anger was exploited by the CIA in their policy of containment against China? The goofy, smiley-faced bastard just continues to assert, with no evidence, that pre-communist Tibet was a paradise and that the Tibetans weren’t always stinky animals that poop in the street like we see today, but really had tons of culture, innumerable temples, and everything was destroyed by the invaders. Except that those expousing the theory have a track record of only violence and destruction. If Vag and the Llama keep complainin about muh temples, muh religions…why not build a temple, or institute a religion and show us how much the really care about these things? Instead he goes on about how the earth is a wobbly, spinning ball.

Baphomette also supports kosher evil-lution, further insisting that Whites are half neanderthals. What a complement! And before that? “Common ancestors” of apes and man, out of ape-frica blah blah.

l_23If this vagistry weren’t impressive enough, Mr. Vaginess has gnumerous odinut trollini copy-jizzing his unreferenced, unlinked scribblings onto ineffective, unrealistic WN sites like Dailystormer and the KBH where they are unjustly and cruelly banned, like this deathmetal phaggit, ever-ostrascised from the patriarchal, non-wiccan, puritanly drug-free world of WN. A most famous Baphomette schill, often refferred to by her nickname, Sine-aid, due to her unabashedly post-modern tonality, bashes MGTOW/chastity along with pick-up artistry. Vag Vaginess is proud of her, as he’s busy pushing out more puppies/piglets, out-breeding mudrats and alahu snackbars at cockroach, odinut rates – sure to cure White genociditis and bring us to the rational world of murder, arson, self-mutilation, beer, sheeps’ heads, animal sacrifice, grave desecration, church burning and endless ondinuttery on serious WN sites. Isn’t it?

Boozin up. No, no! We’re not chauvinists! Drink up that kosher bronfman seagram’s corp. liquid estrogen. Flaming phaggit Jack Donovan on the right explains the fundamental odinist value of rubbing one’s scar of david in faeces

If this isn’t enough to convince you to stop going to church and convert to pagan thuggery and the odinist irreligious underground, I don’t know what would.



OM and Amen.

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