Anthony Toptchi aka The Seeking One

OM y’all. Been a long time since we’ve been in touch I know. Time to report the existence of a particular troll/infiltrator/JIDF floatin abouts and to avert all WN’s and fellow chaste Brothers to delete and block all contacts with said person, including anyone similar to him, defending him, or related to him.


this is a screenshot of this screencast from scott roberts of this page (which has since been deleted). also here



a friend/co-agents of Toptchi going by various names (celibate mandingo, kikeynigger etc), IP’s hailing from boondocks Russia (Yaketennburg/Ekaterinburg). they like to show up in chat rooms at the same time, and they magically piss off everyone but each other

He’s “exposed” any of us putting in hard work into the movement, like Rastus, Anglin, DeLaney and probably many more – and all with the most ridiculous things. It all makes me think back to how William, Shamrock and I destroyed a kosher misopede living in Nanjing, only to get a phone call from our local CIA/Mossad agent, Wayne Prete, threatening to tell everyone that we harmed the hymie. Of course we laughed it off. Isn’t it an honor to screw he who screws kids? They accuse Hufschmid because his sister married some guy. They find a video or two with Anglin and DeLaney making some colorful jokes. Thankfully it all falls on deaf ears.

Toptchi is mostly interested in sowing discord and breaking up WN and celibate circles. He tried blackmailing Rastus with similarly ridiculous things, grasping at straws, hoping to scrape up some loose change to buy a couple more pieces of meth while regularly attacking the pillars of our movement (instead of doing something to help it).

People ask if people like Toptchi are spies or just losers. But don’t watch so much TV. Spies are failures, scraped up from the bottom of society’s barrel, blackmailed by government and israeli agencies for crimes that could easily land them in jail for life, like raping kids, selling a lot of drugs or what have you. They then pick up this deathstyle from their masters, trying to muster up their own little blackmail schemes to support their drug habits and what have you.  Toptchi and CM/KN all seem to be in the hard drugs, severely messed up brains category. Toptchi’s story is a Schlomo’s Lament, being both a spy and a complete loser.

Why do these types go after WN and especially celibacy and abstinence? Because the chosen are the “people of the snake”. Their power rests solely on mips, jumping bones, sticking the willy in a plastic bag, shoving him in a slimecave and making him do pushups till he pukes. Yes, that’s how clearly ridiculous the power of the pharasite is.

A natural outcome of anyone mastering continence is intense fertility and impressive acumen on choosing a mate (if that’s the way they go). Abstinence kills the whole wastreling death of our People and naturally fosters a love for her, regenerating our culture along with our values. And finally, because the people of the snake are all jaded mongrel perverts fed on baby penis blood, what they envy most is a real Race, a real People. There is no greater threat to them than these chaste, courageous, fertile, traditional soldiers of God.

Why are so many of these trolls slavs? Slavic nations are wallowing in poverty seemingly only for their love of booze and drugs. They are weak and easy targets for international crime gangs.

Further, the russians are traditionally enemies of Europe, as in the world war. In the end, isn’t hymie synonymous with the soviet union?

We also have hinjew trolls who’d waste their whole lives before pooing in a toilet, but that’s another article, another story. These kamikazes for israel’s OSHO, fighting public sanitation to their very last breath – they’ll get the spotlight another day.

Thanks to all the hardcore supporters and Brothers that keep an eye out for us, and also big thanks to our guardian angels and our Father in Heaven.

OM and Amen

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