End Tahms

Hyello all ya feller nahts at the KBH. An intrestin gnu topic has hit the fan: “pre-tribulation rapture”. Now, in case ya don’t know what that means, Uncle Jeebers is here fer y’all to do some splainin. Basically, the rapture is bein portrayed as suddenly comin, with no one knowin it’s comin – in of course hollyweird and everywheres accross the whole jew world odor. It’s a key point in false/zionist christianity because:

  1. They’ll mistake the anti-christ as the messiah (cuz they don’t know what the tribulation is, or that it’s *before* the rapture)
  2. It further emphasizes typical paulianity that behavior means nothin, you can sin all ya lahk, you get to heaven on faith alone (gee, ah could get to heaven just bah a faith in the antichrist! haw haw)

No, y’all. It ain’t gonna be easy. The end tahms might be upon us – no one knows. But there are many sahns that it could come in our lahftahms.

  1. Globalism is deeply real. One world government is gettin kwaht close
  2. Cashless society is a lot closer (it’s a condition in Revelation: we will be asked to worship the antichrist, or be unable to bah thangs in the stowar)
  3. Microchippin and other biometrics are much more wahdspread

All in all, pretty intrestin stuff, y’all. Czech it out:

After watchin this we should all have some questions.

  • How close is we to the tribulation?
  • Who would lahkly be the antichrist/JWO leader? Someone like Bibi Netanyahu (the dark lord, the one who keeps poppin up all over US TV these days and everyone kisses his hynie)…or someone lahk Xi Jinping?

We can’t say anythang is really goin to happen from the chahna corner here no mores. Lookin at current events, plus the Nostradamus predictions, apparently chahna is goin to trah to take over the world, but will lose in a big war….

Whatchy’all thinkin? Leave comments and discuss! OM

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