Language and Purity

In the beginning there was the Word. The original Greek of this phrase was logos, and logos also means reason. So reasoned words make the world go around. Honesty is the first precept of a righteous life. Reasoned, honest, true words make up the thoughts of a saint.

confusion-fingersAs the outer manifestation of the material world devolves and implodes, language, too, is devolving and imploding. National languages have all become corrupted by national-level, protected interest groups composed of scribes, intellectuals, and liberal college professors. Their interest is to make their language speakable, but not writable. Like today when watching a video on the Sandy Hoax, an official troll shamed the maker of the video’s Proper Southern English, and told him to go get an official credential like the GED. The reason for this is these types do not want farmers, laborers, and honest men to enter into political discussion. Simply by forming great grammatical and orthographical barriers, the scribes push half of society (and generally the most useful half) from making decisions about public matters.

PinocchioAlso in the deteriorating physical world, the most common motive for speaking is to lie. Truths like water is wet and the sky is blue are not discussed because they are considered too bland and too obvious. And instead, people will want to speak to convince others of something which is not obvious nor truthful. This is why the all current major media leaders are members of the jewish or chinese mafia. They are constantly testing the waters to see how much truth they need to add in order to make their lies believable.

Interestingly, international groups have come up with languages which shed grammar and spelling corruption and which are totally natural for all humans, including kids, farmers and laborers to use. In these international societies, any discrimination against manual laborers or people outside their prime age is undetectable. Corrupt scribes and language guilds voice their anger against this positive trend, calling the clean languages “artificial”. Pure language is a threat to their meager existence.

Wash-Mouth-Out-With-Soap-and-Get-More-DistributorsAlso in popular media, swearing has been pushed on an unwilling public, and now many people I know who are generally good people have also come to swear. The best way to avoid this is to stay away from popular media and movies, and set up oaths with your friends not to swear. If someone swears they can pay the other a quarter. In this way everyone can clean up their language while at the same time challenging their intelligence more.

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