Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality

Coalition of Orthodox rabbis, mental health professionals, community leaders release bold statement on homosexuality

Above links to an article about how a conservative jewish group released a statement refuting the pro-homosexual attitude of liberal jewish groups.

Below is a link to a jewish website that helps heal jewish men of homosexual behavior through prayer and religion.

The religions of the world declare we are all the same: jew and gentile, white and black. I pray that men turn away from masturbation and homosexuality. I pray that men return to normality. May men repent of their sins, and may families stop circumcising their children.

Om and Amen.

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2 Responses to Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality

  1. The “Torah Declaration” attempts to help Jews. But instead it hurts them because it promotes the view that people with same sex attractions can actually be “cured” or changed into people with only opposite sex attractions. It has adopted the view of reparative therapy that childhood damage causes homosexuality, and that it can be cured. The problem with that is that this is not true. The very people that would be willing to forgo the prohibited behaviors often also would very much like to believe that they can actually “convert” not only the lifestyle but the actual attractions completely. They end up finding out years later after this approach that is not the case and are devastated. This results in some suicides and leaving the faith.

    Aside from all the mainstream psychiatric, psychological, social work, the World Health Organization and counselling groups even many experts among people that have been involved in “reparative therapy” agree on this. It does not work.

    Dr. Abba Borowich, an Orthodox psychiatrist who practiced reparative therapy for Orthodox homosexuals for nearly 30 years concluded that this was an ineffective course of therapy which only increased suffering among his patients and their families .

    The leader of Exodus the largest public group of people (several hundreds) who changed from a gay to heterosexual lifestyle through years of reparative therapy, admits that this does not include an end of same sex attraction for 99% oh the group.

    So the twenty “ex-gays” witnessing the Declaration and stating that some can control and some can cure their orientation will discover in time that they can only control,not cure, their orientation.

    Dr. Spitzer recently repudiated his own study, clarifying that he thinks orientation does not change.

    Dr. Throckmorten, who is doing therapy with gays that want to change their lifestyle, and adopt a straight lifestyle, does not believe in reparative therapy (Neither the theory, nor the efficacy).

    A side issue is that the Declaration group primarily relies on someone who is of bad character, in that he has a history of misleading people for profit.

    The declaration is steering teenagers and others to Jonah, as is evidenced by the signature of Arthur Goldberg. This executive and founder of the organization , Jonah, was disbarred and spent 18 months in jail for defrauding investors out of millions of dollars. He dropped his middle name Abba to disguise himself.It was one month after he got out of jail that he started Jonah to help himself to the money all these desperate families would give him.

    Also Jonah is using Christian evangelicals and counselors who ask patients to Touch their private parts in front of them.

    In conclusion, the declaration says that the therapy will work and be safe if done responsibly.

    But reparative therapy is not safe primarily because it doesn’t work.

    Let everyone in this matter be clear when saying that “change” is possible. Yes you can become celibate or marry (if you tell your mate) but you can’t change your attractions and desires!

    Orthodox religious therapists and rabbis can offer support in an honest and effective way. Then those people will have a better chance of being adjusted with their adopting a straight lifestyle without having to live a complete lie.

    • I dont doubt that in many cases reparative therapy doesn’t get rid of same sex sexual attraction completely. Mental habits sometimes carry on despite having a change in heart on certain things.

      However I observe homosexuality in light of traditional attitudes towards the value of semen. In traditional cultures throughout the world(including judaism) semen is seen as vital force. When sexual activity isn’t directed towards the procreation of children one loses ones vital force in the same way one would lose money if one had a hole in his or her pocket. For this reason I am also against masturbation.

      It is natural and normal for men to seek out male fellowship. Men throughout history have done this whether it be through congregating at fraternities, freemasonic lodges, bible discussion groups, or through sporting events. However in light of the traditional wisdom regarding semen it is clear that male fellowship should not involve sexual contact even of one believes themselves to be “homosexual”.

      Some jewish resources on wasting seed(semen)
      Anti-pornography jewish resource

      In hindu traditions semen is seen as that which nourishes the brain and a loss of semen results in the brain being damaged according to hindu lore. Jewish convert to hinduism known as Danavir Goswami wrote a book about this called Brain Gain. He also wrote a book about his evangelization of the Hare Krishna faith in Israel called “If Attacked I’ll Chant Hare Krishna”. The founder of the Hare Krishna movement started his evangelization of America in New York City and so a significant minority of his early devotees were New York City jewish youth. Here is a video him and young New Yorkers(and old New Yorkers) chanting Hare Krishna at Tomkins Square park. It starts about 10 seconds into it.

      As far as my opinion on homosexuals is concerned my views used to be primarily negative but as I have grown more aware of the ways in which males are discriminated against in American society and some of the sexism towards men by women I have become less harsh in my outlook towards homosexuals. Also some homosexuals have joined the mens rights movements and the more people who fight for mens rights the better.

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