The Curse Of Identity Politics

The fact that white males have been forcibly excluded from identity politics is a blessing in disguise for white males.

Identity politics is basically forming a group of people together based on race or gender and together that group complains about other people who they believe are oppressing them.

Identity politics is based on blaming other people for your problems. Female identity politics blames men, black identity politics blames whites, and jewish identity politics blames gentiles.

White nationalists blame jews for their problems. White nationalists are whites who are involved with identity politics but they are marginal while other groups engaged in identity politics are mainstream.

People who participate in identity politics renounce personal responsibility for their life and their situation.

The fact that white nationalism is marginal is a blessing for white males because it makes it so that the vast majority of white males do not participate in identity politics and this puts white males in a position where they have to blame themselves for their problems. The vast majority of whites do not blame jews for their problems.

Taking personal responsibility for ones problems is very important in life.

Non-white individuals, jewish individuals, and female individuals can take personal responsibility for their problems if they renounce identity politics. Everyone regardless of race or gender can learn to stop playing the blame game.

The philosophy of existentialism, especially as enumerated by Jean Paul Sartre, is contrary to identity politics. Sartre believes that everyone has free will and is free to make decisions in life and that each individual is accountable for his or her actions.

Everyone can learn to blame themselves for their problems.

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