Marijuana And Jing Essence

–Contribution by Fundator–

The date 4/20 is commonly associated with marijuana (weed) use.

In the US, there are a multitude of opinions regarding the harms and potential value of marijuana use. While I am of the opinion there is medical value in its use as a palliative drug (used for ease of pain) for old sick people (especially compared to powerful narcotics being pushed by drug companies), this post will address the spiritual harm and retardation marijuana causes in the healthy and youthful seeker.

The effects of weed on the spiritual aspirant are extremely detrimental and subversive. The creative, energetic force derived of semen, known in Chinese medicine as “jing,” is directly “burned” to fuel the high of marijuana. The more one progresses in celibacy and meditation, the more refined this jing becomes- ie. sexual urges are slowly transmuted into feelings of love and bliss. Analogous to the spiritual strip-mining effect of orgasm, marijuana use “burns” up this refined jing first. Thus, when one gets high for the first time, he experiences giggles and mild euphoria. As one continues to use, the more coarse jing is activated, and sexual arousal becomes the prominent feature of the high.

It is a common understanding amongst users that many men use weed to enhance their sexual performance and increase their arousal. Thus, even those not pursuing celibacy or a spiritual life find themselves dependent upon weed (to varying degrees) for intimacy and sexual gratification with their partner (or hand). Ultimately, when one succumbs to these urges, he finds himself back to square one. He has lost the jing essence needed in order to even get high, and he must start his spiritual cultivation all over again.

All drugs strip-mine the spirit (, but from my personal experience, weed is particularly insidious since in its initial use, one gains glimpses of truly quasi-meditative states, and thus misattributes spiritual qualities and usages to it. That said, I cannot say marijuana is all bad. Anything that can draw one’s attention away from the mundane world and offer any glimpse into the vast realm of the sub/unconscious spirit has some merit, but as Alan Watts speaks of his use of psychedelics – “Once you get the message, hang up the phone.”*

This is a very succinct and informative site regarding the issue-  HYPERLINK

Let’s use this 4/20 to renounce marijuana instead of glorifying it.

*Note by The KBH staff: The KBH does not endorse the using of psychedelics or marijuana despite the fact that some claim to have caught glimpses of spiritual realities while partaking of them. The KBH endorses meditation, prayer, walking, and chastity as means of spiritual attainment. If one does not feel comfortable in meditation one does not have to meditate though. There are many paths to spiritual attainment that do not involve drugs. Marijuana induces laziness, poor judgement, and in some cases it leads to homosexuality. Poor judgement can lead to painful life situations.

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  1. fundator says:

    Thanks for posting this. Just to note, the term retardation in the first paragraph is used in terms of frustrating or slowing down spiritual growth, though the literal attribution of “becoming retarded” may not be too far off as this humor article suggests:

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