A Penectomy Won’t Help You Be Chaste

Mutilating the body is a sin, cutting off the penis is a sin. Cutting off the penis won’t helpp you remain chaste because people can still have orgasms without a penis as is demonstrated in this article.


Cutting off the testicles is bad because the testicles help people recieve the benefits of chastity because the testicles produce hormones for the body.

Do not mutilate your body.

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4 Responses to A Penectomy Won’t Help You Be Chaste

  1. fundator says:

    In addition to this, the only thing I could add would be that devices such as chastity belts are similar in nature. From personal experience, this puts one in the mental state of frustration and conflict with his body. The body is the temple in which the spirit of God will resides, and should not be demonized. Stringent and aggressive means can and probably should be employed initially to distance one’s self from the sensation of orgasm, but ideally one reachs the point where God is the first aim and celibacy naturally follows as an afterthought.

    • Wearing a chastity belt is like sending ones self the message that one needs to be forcibly prevented from wanking because one lacks self control. And that seems like a counter-productive message to send oneself.

  2. janoklark says:

    Some slightly physical methods are like eating earlier and making sure there isn’t too much pressure when you sleep, and also I remember that I needed to avoid soft sheets and use rougher bedding etc. Though these methods are physical somewhat, the desire is correct – to reduce temptation or pressure. Loin belts I think are OK. Chastity belts I guess are a bit extreme, but could be useful for someone just starting, for example, for one month without taking it off, and it being sort of a bridge before getting rid of the belt. I never tried it but I think in theory it’s OK.
    The real problem is when people mutilate flesh. God gave us this body and we have to respect it. Using other tools or outside things to help ourselves realize chastity is OK at the beginning at least. Also it’s important to note that foreskin regeneration requires tools, and these tools are themselves “chastity belts” which often do not allow for erections or excretions and need to be removed even for urination. So the process for regenerating the natural penis itself often requires tools and always requires a much higher level of continence.

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