Some Brother Catfish Posts At The Phora

The Phora is a free speech forum populated mostly by degenerates. Brother Catfish posts as Catfish at The Phora. Here are some links to recent posts he made there and a brief description of the subject matter of the posts.

Above is about how bars that serve alcohol are in reality drug dens.

This is about the power of male fellowship and how homosexuals seek to destroy male fellowship.

And this is about how white nationalism is based on lies.

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One Response to Some Brother Catfish Posts At The Phora

  1. fundator says:

    I spent a while yesterday checking out that forum, and though there are some interesting threads, yes it is a degenerate population. It seems pretty easy and tempting to get caught up with their unresolvable debates on race and what not. That said, if one is inclined to waste time on the computer, as I am with sites like youtube and memebase, it is better to be caught up in such nonsense opposed to the other more harmful distractions one can use the computer for.

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