Occupy Wall Street Protests

People are protesting against corporate greed in NYC at a protest known as Occupy Wall Street. The basic slogan of the protest is that the 99% are tired of the greed of the 1%. The terms 99% and 1% refer to the majority of Americans and Americans who are mega-rich respectively.

And below is a link to their website.


This occupy style of protests has spread to other cities. There is an occupy Boston for instance and an occupy Los Angeles. If anyone is near any of these occupy protests it is suggested that they go to these protests to protest against masturbation.

The vast majority of Americans are wankers, they are masturbators. A term that could be used to describe wankers is they could be called the 99.999%. So it is being suggested that if someone can they should protest the 99.999% while the 99% protest against the 1%.

The following website is a place to find information on similar “occupy protests” happening throughout the country.


Below is a link to a PDF file that can be printed out. It is one page long and it can be used to hand out to people the any of these “occupy protests”, please protest against the 99.999%.

The 99.999%

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4 Responses to Occupy Wall Street Protests

  1. there is something else behind this ‘occupy’ movement…not sure what it is, but it is NO revolution.

  2. the occupy movement is just another false flag operation to direct the sheeple’s attention away from something else the powers that be do not want you to notice, whether it is to draw attention away from Ron Paul or something else more insidious, I don’t know. What I do know is that the occupiers have no agenda, and no war cry, other then they are just mad at greed. But, their consumerist lifestyles has fueled this greed. Is there anything they desire that will quell their ire? Is there something the wall street millionaires can give them that would make them happy? Or would send them home satisfied?…no…well..maybe…..an Iphone 5.

    • I wrote this a couple days ago:
      The people protesting at occupy wall street are in a bad situation.

      They took out loans for their education and borrowed that money from the banks. They are having trouble repaying those loans. Now they are in debt and they blame the banks.

      Some of them may be in debt due to credit cards. They blame the banks.

      They and their fellow countrymen have decided to elect politicians who do not represent their true interests. And they blame the banks for the decision the people of the USA have collectively made.

      They have made bad decisions in life. They masturbate, take drugs, and eat unhealthy foods. They developed diseases and decided to use mainstream medicine which is quackery. They are now in debt to the hospitals after receiving useless “medical” care. And yet they blame the banks.

      Instead of blaming “I” for their personal situation and “we” for the situation the country is in they have chosen to blame “them”. “Them” can be anyone. It can be whoever one wants “them” to be.

      For the occupy wall street crowd it’s the bankers who they call the 1%. They call themselves the 99%.

      The situation the country is in isn’t good. But the situation the country is in is our fault. We made the decisions which made this country the way it is. We the 100% are the ones who have made this situation what it is.

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