God and your life.

God is the moral law that binds us all and over-arches us all.

God is the Tao. God is the Way. God is very practical and down-to-earth then. It’s what you -do- in life. For example, God is sexual restraint. God is being a potent man. God is having an edge. God is loving your family and loving you people. You -live- God. God lives, but in you no less.

God is the order and law of existence. More than that, God is the order and law of -your- life.

God is values. God is those things that are valuable.

God is the principle of sanity, clarity, and simplicity. God is purpose, decision, and minimalism.

God is cool and God is being cool.

God is sex-energy and the order that makes it fruitful.

God is power, power; cultivated power.

God is power and discipline. A man is power and discipline. The moral life is power and discipline.

But it’s better to err on the side of your testosterone in life. It’s better to be act like a man and miss the mark than the reverse. Your wild and undisciplined yang energy is beautiful in itself and I praise it.

I’ll take your manly sin before your womanish virtue.


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