Poisonography Heir and Son And Nephew Of Poisonography Empire Sentenced To Prison For Murder.


This just in gents. The son and nephew of poisonographers Jim and Artie Mitchell has just been convicted of first degree murder. For beating to death his ex girlfriend and mother of his own daughter. The younger Jim Mitchell was also convicted in a Marin county, California court of child endangerment, child abduction, as well as charges of stalking. He faces a possible life sentence for his crimes. Apparently the jury in this case thought it appropraite to aquit him of charges of muder during a kidnapping. Had he not been aquitted of that specific charge? He would have looked at no chance of ever being given parole.

Jim Mitchell was arrested by police in 2009. Shortly afterwards of being accused of attacking his ex girlfriend and mother of his child. a 29 year old woman named Danielle Keller, with a baseball bat. Mr Mitchell then fleed the scene of his offenses with their daughter Samantha in his car.  This all occured on Samantha’s first birthday too of all days. After he fled from the scene he was eventually apprehanded in the town of Citurs Heights.

What makes me wonder about all this. Is what could possess or drive a man.  Whos own biological father Jim Mitchell killed his own brother Artie. To stoop to the level of commiting such a depravity? Do the brothers of this brotherhood suppose it was the disease known as poisonography and the filth that goes along with it? Which drove the younger Jim Mitchell to such an act of blatant disregard for human life. Or perhps do you guys suppose it could have sonething to do with the elder jim Mitchell passing off his DNA somehow? Or maybe both play a factor in this horrendous offense?  The elder Jim Mitchell only did a three year sentence for the murder of his own brother Artie. People often are ignorant of the fact that karma, both good and bad alike can and are passed off down to future generations.

This unfortunate ioncident only serves to solidify my stance against the toxic and demeaning industry of poisonography. Gents, never allow ANYONE to tell you that poisonography is a harmless practice. On a seperate, but signifigant note, Charlie Sheen(no surprise here) and his brother Emilio Estevez made a film that glorified these two creeps. Called rated X. All this just goes to show that art sometimes really does imitate life afterall.

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