Job Creation?

I find it very funny that such a word even exists. We do not need all men to agree with our ideas or join our cults. Most men can agree that there are four elements to a good society:

  1. Safety
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Beauty

And there is tons of work to do in these fields in any society in the world today. This work is not contended: does this need to be done? Over 90% of the population agrees it needs to be done. So why are people sitting around on their couches arguing about capitalism, communism, elections and what have you? Are these not just details when, for example, you have massive infrastructure problems, annual flooding, redundant labor, littering, pollution and on and on. We could simply form “good gangs” of men to go do some of this work, and the people in the area would certainly be grateful. The jobs weren’t listed in the paper, but they’re there to do, and everyone would recognize that they need to be done and that people should be compensated for doing them. It’s just that some people need to have the courage to start doing the work before anyone promises them compensation.

It’s totally silly that in places like India people sit around arguing about political ideas and minutiae of theory when they don’t have someone to pick up the garbage or a sewer pipe out of their apartments. They’re dumping raw sewage all over the place while debating Descartes or something. It’s pure stupidity. Just get a shovel, DUDE, and start diggin that ditch, ask your neighbors to pitch in to buy a pipe and I swear that Bob will be your uncle.

The Obongo job creation plan: steal more money from everyone, spend it on your friends, then see if you can justify it by saying the money you spent stimulated “the economy.” (Nevermind if whatever was bought is of any constructive use to society.) It’s like the Chinese think that selling billions of cigarettes which stink up the air everywhere, litter butts all over the landscape and poison water, fish, birds’ nests and birds are “good for the economy.” Or that even a dime of profit is to be counted from such a foul stench. Even smokers hate their own smoke. Even a blind man could see there are millions dying here from heart disease and cancers from these toxic fumes. The vast majority of Chinese want this changed but the government is intent on “job creation.”

What a load of BM! There is tons of work to do to clean up, make safe and make more beautiful this world we live in. Let’s get to work on it.

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