Eating Foreskins in Madagascar

In previous posts we’ve shown that the source of genital mutilation practices in the world is Africa. Even today, the highest GM rates are there. The savage anti-culture and things like muti medicine (cannibalist torture medicine) have identified the most sensitive parts of the human body as the best for getting more and longer screams which are supposed to activate the medicinal properties of the body parts.

It so turns out that in Madagascar, after mutilating the genitals of boys, their grandparents eat the foreskin.

This is an extension of the materialist philosophy. Materialism holds that the essence of all things is their material or dead parts. Meat eating is a kind of materialism, because the ones ingesting the flesh believe that animals being higher beings in consciousness over plants, naturally offer more nutrition. Also, humans being the highest on the food chain should be prized as being the most nutritious. There is little difference between eating cows and cannibalism. Tanned hides of cows, pigs and humans are nearly indistinguishable. Flesh pieces of people, pigs and other farm animals are nearly identical.

This looks like a shot from your local grocery store fridge

This looks like a shot from your local grocery store fridge

Until you see it's human

Until you see it's human

Nutrition itself is a materialist concept which breaks down in the face of healthy vegetarians and even airetarians (people who fast for periods of weeks to months at a time), while meat eaters get a whole slew of degenerative diseases and die a young death. It’s funny to note as well that women who drink a lot of milk are at very high risk of osteoporosis, and that women with that disease are all big dairy eaters. But wait, doesn’t milk have calcium? It must be good for your bones, right? This is materialist folly.

Rastus Jones put it this way. I may be smart. But if you killed me and ate my brains, you wouldn’t get an iota of IQ. Therefore, the essence of intelligence is not brain matter, but rather the energy that is in the brain.

Africans often make the materialist fallacy when practicing medicine. They think that the essence of some positive property seen coming from a body part is in the body part itself, and not in the soul which operates these dead body parts. In fact, health comes from God energy and moral conduct which conserves and enriches that energy. A good immune system is in fact a strong and effective conscience. A healthy person is one who listens to their conscience. Nutrition is being able to conserve energy within the body and get onto vibrations outside the body that are beneficial, resonant, and edifying to the energy already located in the body. Even nutritious and organic food and herbs are nothing but crude prana. Any prana that is in food actually comes from whatever good will that the farmer, distributor or seller may have for the eventual consumer, not from the food itself. Herbs can only cure disease if there’s some intent from the grower or seller of the herb to cure the sick. Generous and kind vibrations cure disease, not dead plant matter.

Africans in the modern era are born with the strongest, largest bodies. They also have the largest genitals. It’s perhaps because their innate power is so strong that they spend so much time and energy trying to cut themselves down with mutilation, liquor and other feminizing products. If Africans were in general on a positive vibration, the world would experience drastic and sudden change for the better. This is the tragedy of the current state of Africa.

We’re sorry for exposing the reader to certain despicable realities, yet this is necessary to change them. May we pray for Africans that they might change their wicked ways. If they do not change their ways then we pray that God give them their just punishment, which they are already experiencing in their own hell on earth. Namo NamaH to God’s justice! Victory to truth and righteousness! Amen and OM.

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