Janez Drnovšek: Great Leaders Have Been and Will Be

Janez Drnovšek is the man who saved the Slovenian Republic by negotiating a peaceful withdrawal of Yugoslavian troops. He had a major epiphany in his latter years, being chastised and enlightened through cancer. He became known as Slovenia’s Ghandi, living an ahimsa lifestyle as a vegan who refused leather, fur and all products that exploit animals. In 2007 he was given the Shining World Leadership Award by Suma Qinghai.

Suma Qinghai gives Janez Drnovsxek the Shining World Leadership Award

Suma Qinghai giving Janez Drnovšek the Shining World Leadership Award

Suma Qinghai herself is an important world leader, having led millions of followers to vegetarianism, sobriety, chastity and meditation. Her organization is called God’s Direct Contact and she is called Supreme Master and serves her cult as their guide in morals and meditation. On their website they have a constant TV feed of positive news, information on ahimsa lifestyle, the amazing qualities of different animals and promotion of better policies in government.

Her group is banned from practicing in mainland China but is enormously popular in Taiwan. Though they are banned here there are several practitioners who live here and still manage to spread the word of our common mission. Typically to join the cult you must read around five of her books which contain aphorisms and guidance on living. You may buy the books or borrow them. Another major tenet of their cult is that learning and enjoying religion does not have to cost money. Master Qinghai writes books and designs clothes and decorations which followers can buy if they choose to support the mission. Staying with their group is free, and members will freely loan their books or other things you might need to study with.

There are different levels of practitioners and practitioners are encouraged to work to the top levels. In the top levels you have to be celibate and meditate at least two and a half hours a day. If their monks deem you fit for a certain level, you are given a card with your picture on it, a magnetic strip for verification at different locations, and a list of the vows you have taken. Because it is an honor to be a member of these levels, many people have tried to pretend they are members when they are not.

In Nanjing I have met at least four different people posing as members of Qinghai’s cult. One of them even made an official-looking facebook account. This type of fraud, though to be condemned, is quite flattering to the group as a whole. We hope you visit their real website and support these wonderful people.

The existence of leaders like Drnovšek and Suma Qinghai show that there have always been good leaders in the world and there will always be good leaders in the future.

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