Safe Sex? Blaming the Wrong Causes of Disease Only Makes Us Suffer More

It’s inadvisable to have MIPS* with anyone. All MIPS is very dirty, and when people get diseases from it, it isn’t because of some random virus that just attacks them for no reason. Conversely, if we understand that immorality causes disease, then people will realize they need moral behavior for survival and moral behavior and better health would increase.

HIV and AIDS are not real, and it’s quite easy to prove that. HIV has never been found, photographed or isolated (reproduced, purified). It simply doesn’t exist. [1] AIDS is by definition a syndrome and not a real disease, like the “lupus” that Ginger Lee complains about having flares of. What GL and misopedes have is a bad case of negative karma from their horrible and oft-repeated sins. “Immune system” is just gibberish that means karma. People with bad karma get sick, and those with good karma don’t. Blaming disease on viruses and crediting good health to a mysterious “good immune system” is not helping the world understand disease and reduce it. The HIV/AIDS scam has done nothing to scare people away from MIPS, as STD’s have been on the increase in the US since the start of the AIDS horsefeather factory. If we’re dealing with a virus, then it is thought that condumbs are the answer. Instead of promoting chastity, the HIV scam has skyrocketed condumb sales and increased sexual activity. This is why I think it is very important to state clearly that misopedes are not dying from a virus, but from the severe punishment that God gives to all sinners.

It’s for the same reason that I condemn the propagation of the “pig flu,” “avian flu,” “mad cow disease” and other virus scares. Instead of making people understand that hacking up animals just to have lunch is getting them sick, it makes them think that these issues will be solved with bleach and antibiotics. Since the propagation of these scares just as with AIDS, the incidence and variety of meat-eating illness has been on the increase.

And it is again for that same reason that I don’t support the global warming hoax. Since this hoax, pollution has been on the increase and our environment has only gotten worse. Specifically, there is more desert, less drinkable water and breathable air since this hoax has named carbon dioxide our enemy. I have yet to see one person complain that the air they are breathing has too much carbon dioxide in it. Real pollution is a lot of other things, but not CO2. Demonizing CO2 has done nothing to plant trees, save grasslands, rainforests and our oceans. Many environmentalists who know anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, but they still spread it or refuse to expose the hoax because they think it still benefits the environment. Sheeple are still eating steaks while they pride themselves on using nuclear energy. No, lying about the causes of our problems never benefits us.

*Mucosally-Induced Prostatic Spasms. Term perferred by KBH members over “sex,” which which has the connotation of reproduction, which is almost never what is actually being described. “MIPS” can also be described as “recreational sex.” MIPS also accurately depicts the filth of the act along with the actual physical reality of it. In MIPS the feeling of being engorged in mucous triggers the prostate to spasm and eject vital fluid from the male. FIPS is the misopedic version, though feces are around 80% mucous and FIPS could still be described as another form of MIPS. We don’t like talking about these things, but it’s our accurate reflection of what people are doing and our honest attempt to reduce it. There cannot be nor will there ever be “safe sex,” and this is the truth.

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3 Responses to Safe Sex? Blaming the Wrong Causes of Disease Only Makes Us Suffer More

  1. alexin3 says:

    I get the basic sex-magic rationale of avoiding onanism and pointless/loveless sex, but excessive maintenance of semen actually contributes to prostate cancer. Hadn’t you heard? It’s healthier to exercise the mechanics of ejaculatory reflex. It’s unhealthy to let them atrophy from disuse. It’s unhealthy to let semen decompose in the urethra or to pack yeast or bacteria into the meatus (like from anal or from an infected vagina). That’s one advantage of condoms, though they are still hardly protection from everything. You should get off sometimes or you’ll get too emotional.

    • janoklark says:

      that’s silly. the whole arab world has none of this “prostate cancer”. some 80% plus of white men die with it in their bodies. i don’t think chastity is all that popular. also it’s fairly obvious that monks live very long lives. never met a single monk who was worried about prostate cancer. the study to which you refer is an australian government study meant to promote sex as healthy, which is very good for selling research and books, but not very good for the health. a male has a baby in ejaculation. it’s force and the loss caused by it should not be underestimated any more than the female’s birthing out the vagina. the male and female contribution to childbirth are equal.

    • janoklark says:

      the australian study, too, was not a medical study. it has no scientific bearing. no one said they found any mechanism by which not wanking would give you cancer (LOL).

      however here we have gone into detail on this issue:

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