Public Figures Shamed for Opposing the Misandrist Deathstyle

Against anal worship? Get ready to wreck your career in this Kali-yuga garbage society.

Lv Liping: One Brave Voice against Misandry and Misopedia

Ultra-famous, veteran Chinese actress and strident Christian, Lv Liping (center), likes to play the role of traditional mother, dresses conservatively and has recently come out very publicly against anus worshipers

A very famous Chinese actress named Lǚ Lìpíng (呂麗萍) made public pronouncements against male man-haters on her microblog [1]. The silly article is titled “Actress Under Fire for her Anti-Gay Comments.” Anti-gay? What? Is she against happiness? How horrible! (Don’t ask CNN to use English properly, much less the Chinese).

Ghulam Nabi Azad: Champion of Normal People, Continence and Healthy Living

Ghulam Nabi Azad: Champion of Normal People, Continence and Healthy Living

Then you have the Indian Health Minister who called misopedia a disease [1]. What’s wrong with these people? Next thing you know, they’ll start saying that eating poop isn’t healthy! </sarcasm> He is also paraphrased:

A few years ago, he suggested Indians watch more late night television instead of having sex as a means to stem population growth in the nation of 1.2 billion people.

China Daily says that this was “embarrassing” for him to say. This coming from a country which aborts 20 million children a year…. So I guess instead of saying the silly and embarrassing idea that people should have less MIPS, they should let people have the children and just murder them all. (Now there’s the red spirit!) The Chinese political mind never ceases to amaze, does it?

It was recently in US media that Pat Robertson embarrassed himself by stating that no civilization survived legalized faggotry. How embarrassing to state facts! How shameful to not worship anuses, or to think that doing such a thing is disgusting and harmful! The real hero of this story, my friends, is the big Weiner. Thank you, Anthony Circumstump, for bringing us legalized faggotry to Jew York City and tweeting your pink microphone all over America. Your name will go down in history. Your hot bod will be wrapped in a rainbow flag and buried on Capitol Hill, emblazoned with an eternally-inflated condumb, shimmering in the sunlight with KY jelly. Your iguanaface will be reproduced in throngs of four-legged creatures across the deserts of Azaltan….

Well in spite of coming under fire, I see this as a great sign of progress that prominent figures are being open about the concern and disgust that most of us have against anal worship. It shows that more and more people are firming up their convictions to resist the misopedic deathstyle and confirm life, fecundity, and harmonious society.

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