Strange Priorities Concerning Rape Cases

Poor baby rapist vs. Rich baby mutilator

In the world of crimefighting, personal status is key

I came across this story on NY Daily News:

An HIV-positive father in Ohio was arrested on Saturday for raping his infant son, police say.

Lenny Love, 29, sexually assaulted his 6-month-old son in March knowing he was infected with the disease, according to cops in Silverton, Oh.

Ironically the writer of this damning story is Meena Hartenstein is Jewish, engaged, [1] [2] and hoping to have a son whom she can razor rape at the ripe age of eight days.

F@#$ yes, faggots!

"F@#$ yes for faggots!" Hartstein is super excited that misandrists and misopedes can now enjoy married status, thanks to fellow tribe member, stump thumper and defamed twitter sextophile Anthony Weiner

She hopes to demonize the rapist further by stating he is HIV positive, yet anyone can be “HIV positive.”

The fact is, being HIV positive does not indicate a positive test for HIV virus nor AIDS, and Lenny Love, being Black, is already five times more likely to test positive than a White man [1]. Hartenstein seems to insinuate that Love knowingly tried to kill his son with some deadly virus on top of raping him, like a mohel spreading syphilis when sucking infant penis blood.

Yet in reality mere rape is nothing compared to genital mutilation. Your typical circumcision lasts several minutes and is a complex removal of the most sensitive tissue on a male’s body. As if having their g-spot sliced off with a razor weren’t bad enough, babies feel a lot more pain than adults, and psychological trauma gets internalized much more. [1]

It looks like in modern society, how crime is punished or rewarded is simply a matter of status.

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2 Responses to Strange Priorities Concerning Rape Cases

  1. I agree that this woman is a hypocrite if she on the one hand is condemning rape but on the other hand condones circumcision. As far as the issue of aids is concerned though I would say that people should avoid having sex with people who are diagnosed as hiv positive as well as people diagnosed with aids. I understand there are some skeptics out there but despite that its better to behave in a safe manner by avoiding sex with people who have a diagnosis just in case HIV and AIDS are real.

    • janoklark says:

      It’s inadvisable to have MIPS with anyone. All MIPS is very dirty, and when people get diseases from it, it isn’t because of some random virus that just attacks them for no reason. Conversely, if we understand that immorality causes disease, then people will realize they need moral behavior for survival and moral behavior and better health would increase.

      HIV and AIDS are not real, and it’s quite easy to prove that. HIV has never been found, photographed or isolated (reproduced, purified). It simply doesn’t exist. AIDS is by definition a syndrome and not a real disease, like Ginger Lee complains about having “lupus.” What GL and misopedes have is a bad case of negative karma from their horrible and oft-repeated sins. “Immune system” is just gibberish that means karma. People with bad karma get sick, and those with good karma don’t. Blaming disease on viruses and crediting good health to a mysterious “good immune system” is not helping the world understand disease and reduce it. The HIV/AIDS scam has done nothing to scare people away from MIPS, as STD’s are on the increase in the US. If we’re dealing with a virus, then it is thought that condumbs are the answer. Instead of promoting chastity, the HIV scam has skyrocketed condumb sales and increased sexual activity. This is why I think it is very important to state clearly that misopedes are not dying from a virus, but from the severe punishment that God gives to all sinners.

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