More Blame Needs to be Given to Women Involved in Sex Scandals: Ginger Lee

I guess after reading a lot about the stump thumper, misopede-wrongs activist and skullcapper Anthony Weiner, it occurred to me that all these women can come out and accuse him, have very little damage done to their reputations, and no one blames them. Though yes men have the upper hand and should rightly be blamed first in these kinds of things, the emphasis is way out of proportion. There is literally NO concern from anyone about the character of these women, and none of these women have received any form of punishment for what they did.

Though Meagan Broussart is apparently trashy (the US army isn’t known for high IQ or high status types), she had openly sold skanky pics of herself to Andrew Breitbart as evidence of the sexting scandal, and is at the same time “a single mother” (i.e., raising a kid away from the father whom she divorced), Sean Hannity treats her with the utmost respect. He softballs a few repeat questions from the interview as she smacks along on her gum.

Kirsten Powers, another obnoxious FOX (peroxide) blond like Anne Coulter, keeps her job at FOX™ and isn’t embarrassed in the slightest. Gennette Cordova keeps her college enrollment. Ginger Lee gets more gigs and is rolling in money. Lisa Weiss is still committing crimes working at a casino. Rebecca Mead is still busy writing articles at the New Yorker. Gigi Stone✡ still reports for Bloomberg TV✡. The TV networks still hire Alli Joseph✡ as an anchor and consultant.

Cordova tweets married Weiner on April 20th, calls him her 'boyfriend"

Cordova tweets married Weiner on April 20th, calls him her 'boyfriend." They were found on tweet records to have dated IRL at least once at a hockey game

Cordova makes this interesting comment

Cordova makes this interesting comment

Thanks to some hapless netizen, we have now confirmed the prolific sinning of the feminazi, fag champion [1] [2] and used tire Ginger Lee (uh, fake name alert):

What is it about Ginger Lee that is so interesting that might compel a married congressman to be so interested in her activities? Well, let’s just get this one right out of the way: After some research on my part (ahem), I have found that, like any p0rn star worth her thick slabs of black eyeshadow, Ginger Lee does everything!

And when I say everything, I mean everything! In films such as Legal At Last #4, Doctor Do Me #2, Mom’s A Cheater #2, Sex Toy Teens, Teenage Whores and Sweet and Nasty Teens, Ginger has proven she can do guys, she can do girls, she can do several guys, she can do several girls, she can do several guys and several girls – all at the same time! And she can do it on a boat, on a plane, in a car, or in a train – possibly even in the caboose! (Note to self: Must research Ginger Lee’s willingness to do it in the caboose…) [more]

Now for the fun part: face reading! As with all pornstains, they are abysmally sick physically and have an average life span of 37 years (!). Let’s look at a before and after comparo of this “Ginger Lee”:

Ginger Lee 3 years ago

Ginger Lee only 3 years ago, still burning up good karma, little in the know that all would soon bottom out

Ginger Lee in July, 2011: bottoming out and becoming gravely ill

Ginger Lee in July, 2011: bottoming out and becoming gravely ill. Multiple unattractive skin bumps in Region 7 Qiānyígōng 遷移宮 (House of Migrations), indicating great life changes, great material, physical and psychological stress, and constantly being rejected romantically. Bizarrely her face also seems to be morphing into that of a bird

She insisted in her press conference and often asserts herself as being a very sick person on her blog [1], which expresses great offense at anyone trying to tell her she isn’t sick. So let’s take her word for it.

What is truly unbelievable is that

  1. She says Weiner is a liar, when everyone can read her tweets at him which are aggressively flirtatious, while at the same saying the advances by Weiner were unwanted.
  2. She hired a lawyer to help her talk, when no law suit has been filed

So there is an interesting theory here that states that she might be involved in the state of North Carolina, in which it is illegal to break up the family of another, and that “Lee” might be trying to avoid any legal responsibility for what she’s done. (It makes me proud of North Carolina and southerners in general that they have managed to keep such a good law on the books.)

BTW I think Ginger Lee is a fake name and that she probably does not have the paperwork to prove that this is her real name, nor can she or would she state who her parents are or who they are related to. This relates to the whole complex, hidden, and rarely researched issue of sex slavery in which literally millions of children each year are kidnapped and turned into sex slaves. These slaves are routinely brainwashed, have no idea what their own real names are, who their parents are, or where they are from. At least up to this point, just like with the shocking Jeff Gannon case on capitol hill, I’ve seen no concern for or evidence pertaining to who this woman’s family might be.

Though it is very sad that she was abused when she was so young, all of us have been abused in varying degrees. It is up to us how we react to our abuse – if we’ll rise above it, or if we’ll just take out our anger on others. “Ginger Lee” is abusing millions of men with her horrible pictures and videos, specifically designed to bleed men of their prana, morality and any decent standing in society. It’s for this reason that myself and other KBH members think that women like this need to be held strongly accountable for their actions, and that men who have fallen for them should not be the sole bearers of blame.

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