Circumfetishists Take Legal Action to Block SF Anti-MGM Measure

Kikes and Mudslimes fight for genital mutilation

Jews and Muslims happily discuss how this particular baby was razor raped and will probably become a rapist, pervert, wanker or serial killer later in life

No circumcision in San Francisco? Jews, Muslims sue to stop proposed ban

(CBS/AP) Cut it out. That’s the message a group of Jews and Muslims want to deliver to proponents of a proposed circumcision ban scheduled to be on the ballot in San Francisco ballots this November. And now they’ve taken their message to court.

The group filed suit on Wednesday to block the measure banning male circumcision, arguing that California law bars local governments from restricting medical procedures. [They added that mere democracy, morality, and the equal protection clause of the constitution should not impede esoteric and dusty California state laws.]

“It’s a measure that would basically infringe upon my rights as a Muslim to practice here,” said plaintiff Leticia Preza, 31, who has a 4-year-old son and baby daughter. “It would also take away my rights as a parent to choose what’s a good procedure for my child.” [The judge responded, “California law currently impedes no my right as a judge to smash your face in.”]

Other plaintiffs share similar sentiments. “As Jews, we take the threat of banning circumcision personally,” said Jeremy Benjamin. “This measure singles us out, along with the Muslim community, as illegitimate and unwanted in our own city.” [“The essence of being Jewish is razor raping our baby boys and scarring them emotionally and physically for life in such a way that they want to inflict the same treatment on others when they get older – and have no understanding of why. To protect baby Jewish boys from genital mutilation is anti-semitic,” he added.] [more]

I’m fairly certain that the measure will go to ballot and that it will pass. According to those I know in the SF area, very few people have any sympathy at all for circumfetishists and their bloody penchant. Voting time will be in November and there will very likely be a historic leap in US morality and human rights.

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One Response to Circumfetishists Take Legal Action to Block SF Anti-MGM Measure

  1. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    Here is a video of Christopher Hitchens shaming a rabbi for making a joke about circumcision.

    It’s pretty clear that Christopher, even though he is half Jewish (I think), is 100% opposed to circumcision.

    (I’m opposed to circumcision, but I felt sort of bad for the rabbi.)

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