The Source of Savagery

The source of genital mutilation practices is Africa

The source of genital mutilation is Africa

A casual glance at circumcision practice in the world and throughout history will reveal Africa as its primary proponent and primary source.

The background of this practice is vampiric medicine, where the afflicted believes they must steal as much as possible of the most value in the most painful way possible in order to be cured. In Africa it’s called muti medicine.

There are no statistics for the number of muti murders in South Africa and estimates vary from one a month to 300 a year, according to Gerard Labuschagne, commander of the South African Police Service’s investigative psychology unit.

Such killings are usually distinguished by the dismembered bodies of the victims. It is believed that body parts — including internal organs — are sometimes removed from victims still living, in the belief that their screams enhance the medicine’s power.

“The removal of genitals is very characteristic,” Labuschagne says. “The parts have different significances — a hand might be used by a businessman who wants to attract customers. Genitals are a source of good luck.”

These savage traditions serve as the backdrop for circumcision. The screams of the baby are believed to give power to the inflicter. The foreskin being the essence of the male organ is seen as the most prized target for cutting. After removal, they fear spirits contrary to themselves will steal the precious object, so they bury it (the Xhosa tribe of South Africa does this).

Oprah steals foreskins from screaming babies for better complexion, talks with Turkic mutilation expert

Oprah steals foreskins from screaming babies for better complexion, talks with Turkic mutilation expert

Today, an African woman named Oprah Winfrey puts male baby foreskin cells on her face in the belief that it will keep her complexion young.

Oprah Winfrey promotes SkinMedica, which is a company that makes TNS Recovery Complex, a skin product created from harvested infant foreskins.[1][2][3] Oprah never addresses circumcision directly, but other shows that appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network,[4] such as The Doctors,[5][6] Dr. Oz[7][8] and Dr. Phil[9][10][7] advocate and promote circumcision, particularly infant circumcision.

The nigress Lisa Masterson also openly and passionately argues for mutilation of male infant genitals on the FOX program, “The Doctors.” Incidentally, the show and network are controlled by a genitally mutilated Jew, Rupert Murdoch.

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