Risking Death Penalty, Ancient Chinese Lobbyists Recommend Chastity and Save Country

Royal Court莊王即位三年,不發號政令,日夜享樂,還下令說:「有敢進諫者,判死罪絕不饒赦!」

After King Zhuang had been king for three years, he stopped tending political affairs and reveled night and day, giving the order “Anyone who dares to attempt consulting me will be killed without hesitation.”


Wu Ju went to the palace to consult the king. Sitting amid a music and dance troupe, King Zhuang had a charming damsel from Zheng Kingdom under his left arm and another charming lady from Yue Kingdom under his right arm. Wu Ju said, “I’d like to tell your majesty a riddle.” He continued, “Once there was a bird [a common phallic metaphor] which nested on a mountain and didn’t fly or sing for three years. Do you know what bird this is?” King Zhuang responded, “Having not flown for three years, he could certainly fill the sky; having not sung for three years, he could certainly stir men’s hearts. You can leave now, Wu Ju. I know what you’re getting at.”


After a few months, King Zhuang only become more depraved. The court doctor Su Cong went to the throne to warn the king. King Zhuang said, “Haven’t you heard my orders?”


The doctor replied, “My wish is to sacrifice my life so that our king may come to his senses.” Finally King Zhuang was moved to conquer lust and take care of political affairs.


He then killed hundreds of evil men, promoted hundreds more men of virtue and gave official posts to Wu Ju and Su Cong to manage state affairs, thereby greatly pleasing the citizens.

-From “Records of the Grand Historian,” 109-91 BC [1], trans. Uncle Jeebers

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