Rastus Jones Done Predicted it

Folks in Portland, Oregon accused Rastus Jones of goin’ overboard with predictions that Portland with its amateur and very faggy porno film festival would start to have major issues with child prostitution. Mr. Jones has given himself fame with his open, single-man protest against the ever-sleazy “nude bicycling fair” and his inspiring porn-fest protest video. In that video he forewarns the audience that they are whoring themselves and their daughters. Few who were listening would ever think that such a thing would actually happen.

Czech out this report by Dan Rather, Pornland, Oregon: Child Prostitution in Portland, Oregon and Br. Rastus’ enlightening comment on it.

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One Response to Rastus Jones Done Predicted it

  1. Dory Hoefner says:

    wow…she lost her innocense.
    f u ing bitch
    wow ….she lost her not guilty status..(German Version)

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