The International English Problem

Listen my brothers. There are those among us who can speak other languages, and those who can just speak English, as is true for most Americans. But I hope that everyone lends me their ear, to hear the story of how international English is destroying languages, culture, and racial barriers across the globe.

Though this issue is commonly seen as a left-wing cause, right wing conservatives and White Nationalists should also be concerned about this subject. International English poorly reflects the culture of our ancestry. We should learn the language of our ancestors.

Now, however, children everywhere are losing their native tongues for bastardized English which maybe one to ten percent of them will be able to speak. Children are forced to waste their precious youth on a poorly-designed communication code that retains little of its own culture, and whittles away hours of our youth on IPA tables, grammar puzzles, spelling labyrinths.

Economically, every non-native English speaking country has to pay billions for the “English tax” – education and translation in every corner.

The most commonly-proposed solutions are:

  1. International English
  2. Translate everything
  3. Use different teaching methods

Having everyone speak English harms the culture and economy of every non-native English-speaking nation. Translating everything is very costly, and software has proven ineffective for formal uses. Teaching methods have been tried in all shades and colors, but the subject proves too difficult for everyone who isn’t a native speaker and especially those outside of Europe. After 30 years of these solutions the jury is out: they are all failures.

I am involved in a movement to create international understanding and promote western culture through a kind of improved, clarified Latin called Esperanto. The solution works already for travel, international meetings, making friends, and communicating clearly with authentic, decent people from around the globe.

A similar solution to the language problem is Hanyu Pinyin, which a diligent Westerner can master in three months. It also works for travel and making friends as Chinese is used across the globe and has the greatest number of speakers at about 25% the world’s population.

In the end, however, neither International English nor Esperanto nor Hanyu Pinyin will win the global language battle. The tower of Babel that is the banking cartel and all it controls well crumble to nothing, and all the races, nations and their specific languages will regenerate. The barriers between these nations will once again be erected.

– Uncle Jeebers, The KBH
Uncle Jeebers has been a professional translator of the Chinese and English languages since 2001. His works include “Quest for Chinese Culture” and “Karamay”

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