WIT! Onision Loses His Marbles

MIPS-addicted fool, Onision

MIPS-addicted fool, Onision

Onision, or Greg Doe, has been featured at the KBH because of his intelligent and eloquent arguments against meat eating and circumcision. Basically posing as a continent man for several years, he made many video posts which morally challenged viewers not to cheat on their mates, and spoke out against porn, so many of us had thought of him as an intelligent, continent man.

It turns out his fake marriage was just a form of serial monogamy, and that Greg could very well be a wanker. He likely was cheating on his legal wife before or just after the divorce [1] [2] with a hilariously Hebraic-named “Shiloh“, a spider-type woman with a bolt through her lower lip who is sucking the prana dry out of poor Greg. This croaking witch is being promoted by two jewfags, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal and Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of Vivendi, neither of whom even pretend to have a wife. Greg, on the other hand, is a statutory rapist, who could now be blackmailed for misandrist acts by his now jooish higher ups. Oddly, he came out against statutory rape in this video, yet makes films from his bedroom with the 17-year-old spider-frog in his bed. Could his Jewish controllers be using this raunchy arachnid as a hook and sinker for what was once the most strident intactivist and vegetarian on the net? In just weeks we could see this semi-famous icon take major cuts in his un-kosher opinions.

The arachnid, nasty and ugly Shiloh covering a Britney Spears song

The arachnid, nasty and ugly Shiloh with a nail through her lower lip covering a Britney Spears song. Born in 1993, she is a victim of statutory rape by Greg. Also performed with lady grossgross, a jewish hermaphrodite whore who also works for kosher controllers and promotes faggotry

Jewfags Any Winehouse, Lucian Grainge and Jean-Bernard Lévy

Jewfags Amy Winehouse, Lucian Grainge and Jean-Bernard Lévy. Onision's now powerful Jewish-mafia connections will ensure that he never uses his (also Jewish-criminal owned) Youtube channel to expose organized, Jewish crime, thereby solidifying his thoroughly anti-Jewish tendencies

Though Greg was well-instructed by his Seventh-day Adventist church in vegetarianism, he goes on diatribes against religion. His mother left the church because she claims she was sexually harassed, and is now dutifully eating her bushmeat McJungleburgers, as was shown on Greg’s security camera video. Could it be that there are some hypocrites, some bad churches out there, but that the spiritual path is still worthwhile? Could it be that finding God depends on your own hard work and proper networking? Poor prana-sucked Greg will never find out.

Greg has also come out against brotherhood, while literally being sucked on camera by his spider/Druid-freak/Jewified MIPS partner. How long will people find his opinions interesting, as his poor brain is being drained, instead of gained [2]?

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3 Responses to WIT! Onision Loses His Marbles

  1. From Sky to spider-woman, I don’t understand Greg’s taste in females. A good looking guy with an tea-spoon of fame like himself doesn’t need to be slumming it. As for his hypocricy, it just proves that you can’t really rely on what a young person says. Wisdom is not wisdom until it becomes a habit. Wisdom is not wisdom until you are -living- it day in and day out. If you can get to 30 with some virtue in tact, then you’re home free. The momentum ought to carry you through. But before that you really need to be on your guard. Onision makes a great case-study.

  2. For a second there I thought Jean Bernard Levy was Norman Finkelstein, they have a similar face-shape methinks.

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