People Are Naturally Psychic

Material technology is a shadow of spiritual technology, the internet is a shadow of human psychic connections. The reality of humanity is that people are psychic yet through sexual loss they enter a fallen state and lose the psychic power. Due to being in a fallen state people have developed the internet to compensate for the loss of psychic ability due to wanking. Don’t be a wanker.

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3 Responses to People Are Naturally Psychic

  1. janoklark says:

    The speed of mind is truly incredible.

  2. hauptzer says:

    The US army did research on astral travel, or remote viewing as they called it, and came to the conclusion that the effect was real. This happened in what was called project Stargate. Even skeptics who undertook the statistical analysis of the experimental results had to admit that there was a significant effect not attributable to chance. But (at least oficially) they dismantled the project after ten years since they data gathered from remote viewing was not always exact enough.

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