A Fellowship Of Aryans And Jews

Be proud white man and preserve your heritage and your kind.

The white aryan race and the jewish people are natural friends and not enemies. I am a white man. As far as zionism goes I am neutral towards the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The situation in Israel is for the Israelis and Palestinians to decide amongst themselves.

It is true that there have been squabbles between various white and jewish people in the past as well as periods of times without squabbles.

All tribes of people squabble, no one is wrong and no one is right. For white people it is possible to be a proud white and also appreciate jewish contributions to Western civilization. Another thing worth mentioning is that many jews are vegan.

Here are some links of people who are trying to heal relations between whites and jews. Some of these people are pro-zionist. I repeat I endorse not getting involved in Israel, the situation in Israel for jews and palestinians to decide. White people have their own considerations to be concerned with.

http://jewamongyou.wordpress.com [pro-white jewish blogger]

http://www.badeagle.com/ [bad eagle is not jewish or white(he is native american) but he appreciates both white and jewish culture]

http://amren.com/  [race realist pro-white blog, not anti-semitic]

http://www.youtube.com/user/MonarchistPipeBrit [british monarchist, not anti-semitic(he is pro-tobacco and I do not support tobacco smoking)]

The Swastika and The Star Of David to re-unite would be like two estranged brothers or two estranged sisters re-uniting. This re-unification and this healing of the hurt is the experience of coming home and the feeling of coming home brings tears of joy.

It’s time to come home.

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12 Responses to A Fellowship Of Aryans And Jews

  1. janoklark says:

    The term anti-semitic is a lie. Jews are not semites. Jews can start being respectable citizens of our countries by not lying about their racial heritage. This is a pro-Jew statement, that if Jews heeded, would improve the moral standing of Jews.

  2. janoklark says:

    As Israel is a fake nation whose name means “fight God” and is personally owned by a misandrist liar Jew with white skin and blue eyes named Evelyn Rothschild, who literally owns most of the money in the whole world personally, I find it inexcusable to make 1. atheist, anti-God states 2. be filthy rich and use only violence to solve issues with others. If Jews are so smart, why don’t they take all that money their bathing in and wiping their big noses with and make some reasonable settlements with Palestinians? Why are they so stupid as to only use violence against the rightful inhabitants of Palestine? I and other KBH members are in no way neutral on this issue, even though many Palestinians themselves are of questionable moral stature.

  3. janoklark says:

    The combination swastika/Goloka star has two meanings:
    1. Two ancient Hindu symbols together, Krishna’s abode with prosperity in the middle
    2. The combination of two zionist movement symbols of modern times, both of which have brought great evil in the last hundred years: the above-ground zionist movement with their fake star of David, the underground zionist movement disguised as a German fascist movement, the nationalists of Germany/German Nationalist goypen, or “nazi” in German. This underground zionist group, though they did not massacre Jews, did in fact transport many of them out of Germany and into the US and Palestine, creating the modern abomination/state, Israel.

    • In this case I was using it to mean that jews and white people are not naturally enemies. The swastika might not be a good symbol for white people because of its association with the nazi movement(most white people throughout the world opposed the nazis).

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  5. janoklark says:

    Genes do not prove ethnicity. Ethnicity includes all physical and spiritual traits. Linguistics often helps find connections as well. Simple observations can prove that Whites and Jews behave differently from each other. Their physical characteristics are noticeable enough that many people can pick Jews out of a crowd with little error. Jewish voices are different. Jews like to swear like Blacks and they like potty jokes. They answer questions with other questions. They enjoy acting out irony, when they say one thing, and do another. There are several traits by which a conscious man could detect that someone is a Jew and not European.

    There are overlaps, though. That’s true.

    DNA doesn’t prove anything because it’s just a huge bag of traits, and which one you pick and which one you deem significant, or how you characterize what that trait is supposed to mean is subjective to the author. A more simple and effective physical trait is blood type. For example, most Jews are bloodtype B. In the states the last figure I saw was 84%. My mother’s second husband was an Ashkenazi, and his whole family was type B (whereas our whole family is type O). This is just an example of how Jews have some obvious different trait from Whites as a whole.

    • It seems like the qualities you deem to be European are a set of ideals that not all white gentiles live up too, and if not all white gentiles live according to those ideals why should those ideals disqualify jews? And I am not sure that all jews share the traits you mentioned although maybe some of them are like that.

      • janoklark says:

        Whites are superior to Jews, because Whites have successfully built better societies than Jews have, and Whites have built the nicest countries in the world – and Jews don’t really have a country, or you could count Israel, which is a desert, a war zone and a global crime hub.

        The proof is in the pudding.

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