Explosive Self-abuse

wanker flamesA man watching porn at a SF private booth spontaneously burst into flames. Though firefighters arrived at the scene unusually fast, they still couldn’t figure out what caused the man to combust. [more]

The fact that he caught on fire is very interesting, as fire is often used as a metaphor for sexual sin. Fire burns up good karma stored over many millions of lifetimes, like raping a mountain and burning its coal to run a paper mill or shoe factory. The energy there is stored and in its natural place filters ground water and makes life pleasant for all in a pristine environment. But once molested, there is air pollution from the factory, the landscape and water supply is ruined…and all of this is done by taking the stored up value in the mountain and burning it. At celibacy.info a wanker’s world dream is often likened to a house that is burning up.

This current story of a man spontaneously combusting is yet another incidence of an allegory becoming reality. In recent years there was the bombing of Deepwater Horizon, which involved a huge explosion and fire along with seemingly endless gushing of the world’s blood, petroleum, often reddish, from the southern quarters of the USA (which is a nation of proud wankers or yankees).

It’s both amusing and sad when the metaphors used by the BSW and the KBH become real, physical realities and living metaphors for all to see.

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2 Responses to Explosive Self-abuse

  1. Fire is also symbolic of hell.

  2. fire is also symbolic of spiritual enlightenment or awakening. but i don’t think this man was very spiritually awakened. very strange how the authorities can’t figure out how he caught on fire.

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